Worldwide Yuletide Traditions

Everyone celebrates Christmas a little differently… for instance did you know that in Norway on Christmas Eve, spirits and witches come out of the woodwork – and as a result you have to hide your broomsticks so they don’t get nabbed for a quick fly around the neighbourhood…?

We’ve pulled together unique Christmas traditions for this week’s trivia – if you’ve got the Noel nous, you could win one of three USD100 vouchers we’re giving away… Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge Channels on 26 December 🙂


    1. What is the traditional Christmas meal in Japan?

    2. In which country is it a tradition to hide brooms and mops on Christmas Eve?

    3. What is the name of the traditional Christmas log in Spain?

    4. In which country do they wait for the first star to appear before opening presents on Christmas Eve?

    5. What is the traditional Christmas dessert in the Philippines?

    6. In which country is it a tradition to decorate a Christmas tree with cobwebs?

    7. In which country do people wear roller skates to church on Christmas Eve?

    8. Where would you find people eating “Pavlova,” made with meringue, fruit, and whipped cream, on Christmas?

    9. In which country is it a tradition to hide a pickle in the Christmas tree?

    10. What is the name of the traditional Christmas character in Austria who punishes naughty children?

    11. What is the name of the Christmas tradition in the UK that makes a loud noise at the dinner table?

    12. Cougnou, a sweet festive bread which is baked over the Christmas period across Europe, is made in the form of what?

    13. The term ‘Xmas’ comes from which language?

    14. There’s a town in Florida called Christmas where all the streets are named after Christmassy things.

    15. In which country do naughty children get rotting potatoes put in their shoes by Yule Lads?

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    1. Where can I book a holiday that I have won last August, I have tried to call Bali but they couldn’t help me, can someone please give me a contact information

    2. Was a good quiz. Always look forward to solve and enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy our stays at Karma. Now looking forward to our stay in Goa from 18Dec. Merry Christmas to all..

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