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Will Gareth Southgate and his England team break the trophy drought at Euro 24? Can the Chennai Super Kings make history by claiming their sixth title in the IPL? As we gear up for a vintage Summer in football and cricket, here’s your chance to flex your armchair pundit skills – you could win one of 6 x US$50 vouchers we’re giving away! Winners to be announced on Karma Concierge Channels on 28 May.


    1. As the host nation, Germany is likely/unlikely to be seeded in Group A and will occupy position A1; they will therefore play in the opening match – against Scotland.

    2. If CSK loses all its games and DC vs LSG gets washed out, RCB will qualify as the sole team with 14 points. How likely is this? Very likely/Very unlikely.

    3. Albania's recent performance has been under scrutiny, facing losses in friendlies, making their qualification chances unlikely/likely.

    4. Spain and Italy have seen plenty of each other in recent years and they are likely/unlikely to face off again this Summer in a blockbuster fixture.

    5. With only 2 weeks of matches left in IPL 2024 Final, Mumbai Indians are the most likely/most unlikely team to secure a playoff spot.

    6. Russia, the second most often participant in the Euros after Germany, is likely/unlikely to win several matches in Euro 2024.

    7. Currently holding the fifth position on the points table, Delhi Capitals (DC) are likely/unlikely to secure the top spot.

    8. Euro 2024's official song of the tournament is likely/unlikely to be released in May.

    9. Virat Kohli is likely/unlikely to receive an orange cap in the IPL 2024 tournament.

    10. FUSSBALLLIEBE is likely/unlikely to be the Official Match Ball of UEFA Euro 2024 that will be used during the final tournament.

    11. Travis Head is likely/unlikely to be the top scorer in the IPL 2024 Final.

    12. Croatia and Spain are unlikely/likely to perform well in the upcoming tournament based on recent matches and team strengths.

    13. Punjab's highest achievable outcome is likely/unlikely to be a tie for the third or fourth position, with a probability of this scenario slightly exceeding 6 per cent.

    14. UEFA is likely/unlikely to contribute to making UEFA EURO 2024 the most sustainable European Championship of all time.

    15. Having won 8 out of 11 matches, Rajasthan Royals are likely/unlikely close second-favourites to win the tournament after KKR.

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    1. Cricket and Football season is going on this summer. We also playing through this quiz.

    2. Had a wonderful few days at Karma St. Martin’s
      Hopefully will be lucky enough to go to France

      1. Karma St. Martin’s must have been a fantastic retreat. Hope you get to enjoy the beauty and charm of France soon!

    3. In High Spirits ……Cheers to Sportmanship and Sporting Spirit !!! Sportsmanship and Sporting Spirit both refer to the ethical and honorable behavior exhibited by athletes, coaches, and spectators in the context of all sports. Both concepts promote the idea that sports should be conducted with fairness, respect, and a focus on the spirit of the game rather than just winning at all costs. Everyone should work towards these….

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