Rugby Cheers to Eco-Green Spheres

First up, last week we expressed our gratitude to our valued Members by gifting to them complimentary tickets to the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France! Next, we turn the spotlight on Karma Kandara’s Guest Experience & Operations Manager, in the newest edition of Staff Spotlight. Last but not least, we delve into India’s pioneering green energy movement, shedding light on the nation’s remarkable strides in sustainable practices and its role in shaping a greener, more eco-conscious world.

Rugby Rendezvous

We gave our Karma Group Members the exclusive opportunity to win FREE tickets to the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals last weekend in France!

Alongside our Karma Curated Experiences, it’s always a delight giving our Members world-class opportunities to take part in once-in-a-lifetime events around the world – whenever we can get our hands on the scorching hot tickets.

Marseille was the perfect setting to say thank you to our Members for their support and loyalty, and how better to express our gratitude than an adventure filled with shared excitement, laughter, and a whole lot of rugby fun. 

Let’s relive the excitement through the feedback of the lucky attendees, shall we?

Deiniol & Brenda – Karma Group Member since 2008

“We were in France for almost six weeks already for the 2023 Rugby World Cup when we entered the draw for quarter-final tickets, securing a spot at the Fiji v England match. 

A few weeks earlier we’d stayed at Karma’s peaceful new resort near Carcassonne, Château de Samary, as part of the trip. By now, we were in Marseille which was hosting two of the quarter-finals. We put our names into the hat for the Karma draw – and we won!

We had a great day. The atmosphere was fantastic and – like many others from around the world in the stadium – were more than happy to cheer on Fiji. It was a very tight, tense and exciting match with the result in doubt until the very final whistle – but in the end, England just managed to get the win.”

Philip Brown – Karma Group Member since 2016

“Last Wednesday I received the email offer from Karma to enter a Members’ draw for tickets to the Rugby World Cup. I immediately applied as I was leaving for Marseille 2 days later. I had already arranged to fly from Stansted to meet my friends there and to have tickets would be a bonus. 

The following morning I received a phone call to tell me that I’d been successful in the draw. I had 3 tickets for the Wales v Argentina game on the Saturday, joy all around! My friends were obviously very excited that I had tickets for them.

I arrived in Marseille where the weather was much better than the UK! Our accommodation was not a patch on what Karma has but fortunately we didn’t spend much time there!

We had excellent seats at the game and fortunately, the sun set behind the stand before the start of the game. There was an excellent atmosphere throughout the game but unfortunately, Wales didn’t play their best and Argentina came out on top.

Thank you Karma for the chance to see Wales v Argentina, we had a great time!”

Hazel & Andrew – Karma Group Member since 2020

“We left Borgo di Colleoli, where we were on holiday, at 6 am to drive the 600 km to Stade Marseille for the England v Fiji match, a surprise win in the draw from Karma. 

The carnival atmosphere in the city at 4 o’clock was amazing and included so many nationalities all there for the World Cup. Pop-up bars and food stalls lined the streets to the stadium along with 60,000 + fans. The roar when the teams appeared made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the energy was truly gladiatorial.

Our seats behind the posts gave us a good view of a match that had us on the edge from start to finish but ultimately in the last 10 minutes England’s drop goal secured victory. Final score Eng 30 v 24 Fiji. 

What a night, sweet Caroline rang out and we stood to applaud the players who walked around the pitch while soaking up a great quarter-final. 

Thank you Karma from two very happy rugby supporters.”

We just love reading the incredible feedback from our complimentary Karma Group Events –  Stay tuned for more exclusive treats in the future!

If you’re too intrigued and can’t wait until then, which we presume might be the case, feast your eyes on the Karma Curated Experiences calendar for the remainder of 2023 and the new year 2024:


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