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In our Members’ Corner this week we’re getting all excited for next week’s celebrations across our Bali properties for Indonesia’s Independence Day! 6,368 miles away in Greece, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Yannis from Karma Minoan in the next edition of Staff Spotlight. Plus, we’d love you – our valued Members – to voice your opinions in a new Member Survey… we always appreciate your feedback!

Sun, Sand, and Sovereignty

Celebrating Indonesia’s 78th Year of Independence!

Each year on 17 August, this sprawling archipelago nation comes alive with joyous festivities and spirited celebrations, commemorating the momentous day when Indonesia declared its long-sought freedom from colonial rule. From the bustling streets of Jakarta to the serene beaches of Bali, the entire nation unites to honour its rich history, diverse culture, and unwavering spirit of independence.

The roots of Indonesia’s independence journey can be traced back to 17 August 1945, when Sukarno, the nation’s first president, boldly proclaimed Indonesia’s emancipation from Dutch colonial rule – It was a defining moment that marked the beginning of a relentless struggle, culminating in the country’s official recognition as an independent sovereign state in 1949…

Since then, Indonesia has emerged as a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions, woven together into a colourful tapestry that reflects the true essence of its people!

Here’s what you can expect at our Bali resorts if you’re staying with us for Independence Day celebrations:

Karma Royal Sanur

Wednesday 16 August:

  • Fastest Beer Drinker 
  • Crackers Pacman Game
  • Traditional Melon Coin Biting 
  • Bottle Fishing 
  • Eggplant Soccer
  • Hot Chili Eating Competition
  • Water Volleyball

Thursday 17 August:

  • Suckling Pig Dinner & Live Music – IDR. 300K 7.00PM – 9.30PM
  • Happy Hour All Day
  • 30% off Spa Treatments and Snacks Menu

Karma Royal Jimbaran

Wednesday 16 August:

  • Fun games with amazing prizes with all staff members 
  • Garden Restaurant and its all-day happy hour.

Thursday 17 August:

  • Indonesian buffet dinner with acoustic duo – IDR 200k per person
  • Happy Hour all day!

Karma Royal Candidasa

Wednesday 16 August:

  • We would like to invite our guests to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence by participating in traditional games. There will be prizes to be won and games to be played – Members vs Staff – GAME ON!

We hope all of our Members staying with us over 16 and 17 August embrace the Independence Day spirit and get stuck in with all the fun!


Staff Spotlight : Meet Yannis!

In this week’s Staff Spotlight, we jet off to the beautiful island of Crete, Greece, to say hello to Yannis – Who is the lovely and hardworking Maintenance Specialist at Karma Minoan.


Personalised Perspectives

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