Staff Spotlight : Meet Yannis!

In this week’s Staff Spotlight, we jet off to the beautiful island of Crete, Greece, to say hello to Yannis – Who is the lovely and hardworking Maintenance Specialist at Karma Minoan.

Let’s get to know him…

Hello Yannis, are you from Crete originally?

Yes, I was born and raised in Crete, more specifically in Kritsa – I joined Karma Minoan a few months before it opened in 2018.

What is your favourite part about living and working in Crete? Is there a particular aspect of the island’s culture that you enjoy the most?

Living and working in Crete is wonderful because we are always near nature, near the sea.

As Minoan’s Maintenance Specialist, what are some essential tasks you perform to ensure a seamless guest experience?

The first thing I do every morning is to clean up the swimming pool to ensure that it is safe for our guests to enjoy, and then I tend the gardens of Karma Minoan to keep the place clean and beautiful. During the day I am called on to fix anything that is malfunctioning by my colleagues from all departments. It is also very important to walk around and maintain the good looks and functionality of Karma Minoan

In your opinion, what sets Karma Minoan apart from other resorts in Crete?

The view of Karma Minoan is stunning and unique. I can never get enough of it, even though I see it every single day since I started working in Karma Minoan!
But the most important and unique thing about Karma Minoan is the “heart” and atmosphere created by the Karma Minoan team. We always try to show Greek Hospitality to our guests in the warmest way possible.

Outside of work what are your favourite activities to do in Crete during your free time?

Nature here is stunning and I do enjoy going for a swim in secluded and wild beaches. Very often I also take my family and we hike from where I live in Katsikia either towards Agios Nikolas through small rural roads, or towards the mountains to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

What has been your favourite vacation experience?

My best experience was on the island of Paros. It is a very beautiful island with endless golden beaches, bougainvillaea everywhere, and breathtaking sunsets! It is a place that will always remain in my heart and memories.

What’s your most-loved spot on the island that you could recommend to our Members?

My favourite spot is Katharo, in the Lasithi Plateau. It is still very traditional and reminds me of the old times when villages were very simple without any high-end villas built around them. It keeps the real character of Crete and I love this.

Can you recommend a local dish for our Members to try?

Xinohontros, a fermented milk-cereal mixture, is an ancient dish that has survived through time and gives a strong taste of the Tradition of Crete. It has been my favourite dish since my childhood.

Do you prefer Greece in the hot summer or cooler winter?

I love the hot Summers of Crete when I can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea, but I also love the fresh breeze of the Winters, especially when you can smell nature after heavy rain.

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