Dalek Memorabilia at Karma Sanctum Soho

Die-hard fans of the sci-fi Doctor Who television series will be thrilled to hear that Dalek has checked into Karma Sanctum Soho to join in the Saving Soho initiative.

The extra-terrestrial’s arrival was filmed and produced by Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson as part of the Soho Calling initiative to raise funds to save London’s most vibrant alfresco dining scene.  Dalek is calling on everyone to donate to the Save Soho Festival fund and in return you’ll receive a world-class ‘thank you’ cocktail designed by the legendary Dre Masso. 

Be transported to another time – the team at Karma Sanctum Soho invites you to donate to the cause and join them for a cocktail at the Wild Heart Bar & Grill where you can view the original Tom Baker memorabilia era Dalek.

How to time travel to Karma Sanctum to meet you at the bar for cocktails?

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