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At Karma Group, we’re committed to making travel as sustainable as possible. That’s why we are constantly developing and refining our sustainability strategies across our global collection of resorts and venues. Here are just a few of the initiatives that are underway at a cross-section of Karma resorts aimed at reducing waste, conserving resources, and supporting local communities.

At Karma Jimbaran, plans are underway to eliminate commercial garbage trucks, reducing waste transport to Bali’s landfills. Partnering with ECO Bali, waste will be sorted on-site for recycling, with organic waste composted to produce organic fertiliser for the resort gardens. Additionally, excess production will be shared with the local community.

Housekeeping and restaurant operations will also see sustainability improvements, including the use of reusable laundry bags, bamboo vases, and innovative repurposing of wine bottles and banana leaves.

Karma Kandara continues its sustainability efforts with initiatives such as using rice straws for dining outlets, eliminating plastic bottles, and offering eco-friendly amenities. Plans for the future include sourcing glassware from Bali Sama Sama and further reducing plastic use.

©ECO Bali
©Bali Sama Sama

Similarly, Karma La Herriza and Karma Royal Resorts have implemented measures like minimising plastic usage, promoting local suppliers, and encouraging guests to explore nature responsibly.

At Karma Bavaria, guests are encouraged to use public transportation, while Karma Minoan focuses on water recycling, eco-friendly amenities, and reducing paper usage through a paperless campaign.

Karma Salford Hall & Karma Lake of Menteith prioritise sustainability through vetted suppliers, recyclable packaging, and encouraging guests to use biking and walking options to minimise carbon footprints.

To find out more about these initiatives and how you as a guest can contribute to a more sustainable approach to travel, contact your Karma Concierge or reception staff at the resorts themselves.


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