TOP 10 Holistic Wellbeing Tips

In these modern times, health is wealth and maintaining resilience is the key to longevity. Here are 10 holistic ways to make you feel like a million dollars…

1.   Wake-Up Fresh – begin your day with positive thoughts and upon rising drink a glass of warm water to hydrate and get your digestive system moving. For an extra boost, squeeze half a lemon or a dash of apple cider vinegar into your glass of water (the liver loves lemon).

2.   Stretch and Move –  you’ve been horizontal for eight hours so roll out your mat and do 20-minutes of stretches to get your circulation moving. Alternatively a DIY morning self-massage with warm oil is another way to improve lymph, blood and oxygen flow.

3.   Get Outdoors – even before COVID-19, we were all probably spending too much time indoors watching our screens. Make sure you get at least 30-minutes of natural sunlight each day and keep your vitamin D levels on target.

4. Keep it Natural – where possible select pesticide-free foods as well as natural clothing, bed linen, and chemical-free household cleaning products. In a nutshell, whenever you need to buy something new then consider the natural alternative (even if it costs a little extra). Your body will thank you later!

5.   Personal Hygiene – prevent infection with regular hand washing. Cold Showers (brrr!) are said to help boost immunity. Use chemical-free personal care products where possible. 

6. Eat Well – with a reported 70% of our immune cells located in our gut, then it’s essential to eat the foods that nourish our gut to keep our immunity strong.

7. Eat Seasonally – and locally. During the spring and summer,  make a daily veggie juice using locally grown fruit and veggies. Come winter and infuse your teas and soups using locally grown ingredients.

8. Reduce Computer Fatigue – if you are like most of us and spend hours a day at the computer then set your timer and get up and stretch every twenty minutes. Regular movement throughout the day is crucial for maintaining blood flow and heart health.

9. Sleep Health – the scientific research about the importance of quality sleep is hard to ignore. It’s now thought that during sleep our brain flushes out toxins during sleep which brings a whole new meaning to ‘a good night’s sleep will help clear your mind.’ Don’t forget to power down your digital devices a few hours before bed.

10. Embracing Joy – find the things that you enjoy most in life and do them frequently.


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