Meet Chef Ricardo Pedroso

We’re heading to the Bavarian Alps this edition, to meet with Karma Bavaria’s Head Chef Ricardo Pedroso – who, name notwithstanding – is German-born and bred. And a real talent in the kitchen. Here he is in his own words, with a favourite recipe to follow… 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Ricardo Pedroso. I’ve been at Karma Bavaria for three months. I’m 26, born in Germany, half Cuban. I have been working as a chef since I was 18, since then I’ve tried to work with as many chefs as possible. Which has also shaped my cooking style. I try to bring everything I’ve learned together in my dishes.

What’s the most challenging dish you have ever had to create?

Any dessert! I get frustrated when something doesn’t work out.

Your first ‘taste’ of what inspired you to follow a career in cooking?

My grandfather’s food, he wasn’t a professional chef, but it made me want to earn money as a chef – he could really cook!

What ingredients do you like to grow in the resort garden?

Passion fruits! I just love them.

Any local farmers markets nearby the resort? What is the speciality of the region?

-We have a fishery nearby that gets its fish straight from the lake. I would say the specialty of the region is white sausages with pretzels.

What’s your favourite breakfast or brunch dish?

I’m not really a breakfast or brunch person but if I had to pick one I’d probably have a good omelette

Favourite sunset beverage?

A nice Gin & Tonic

What’s the most overrated ingredient or dish in your mind?

Truffles, I use them myself on my menu, but I think they are used way too much – better to use them sparingly in the right places.

What are your top 3 foodie destinations and why? Can be a country, a city or even a restaurant?

Spain because Spanish food is amazing. Takumi, a restaurant in Cologne where I was living for many years. It serves Japanese Ramen Noodles. I love them. Lastly, Cuba, the food there is just fantastic and I grew up with it partly because of my father who is from there.

Any mentors? Any chefs you admire and why?

I would call all the good chefs I met my mentors because they taught me a lot. Massimo Bottura in particular, he’s just fantastic.

Describe the best dessert you’ve ever had…

My mother’s cakes (they’re so good, maybe that’s what made me insecure about desserts!)

What’s on the menu for this year at the resort? Any local and seasonal ingredients you are experimenting with that we need to know about?

We work a lot with local and seasonal products, my favourite is probably our duck breast. As a seasonal product we are currently using fresh chanterelles and are also currently working with the local fisheries.

What have been the most popular dishes at the restaurant this year?

Probably our salmon tartare, our ox cheeks and our schnitzel.

Chef Ricardo’s Bavarian Gazpacho

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