Ham Hock Terrine with Glazed Vine Tomato, Mixed Leaves & Radish

Karma Lake of Menteith – Chef Mike Potts

  • Serves6
  • Accompaniments Serve2



  • Soft boil the ham hock for two hours. While it’s boiling, chop the chives and mix with the butter, honey and mustard. When the hock is cooked, allow it to cool and remove the fat and the bone. Take a plastic bowl and with two forks gently pull and shred the meat. Add the butter mixture and knead and work it together to bind it.
  • On a work surface, lay two cling film sheets on top of one another and place the hock mixture on it and roll it up like a sausage and then tightly wrap it in the cling film.
  • Place it in the fridge to set for at least one-and- a-half hours or preferably overnight, so that the flavours can develop.
  • The next morning, slice it with a clean, warm knife to get clean, neat slices and glaze it with olive oil for a nice shine.
  • Take the vine tomatoes and dust with a light coating of icing sugar and quickly flash grill, keeping your eye on them all the time – 30 seconds is plenty of time depending on the strength of your grill. Or use a blow torch if you have one.
  • Arrange on the plate with the dressed salad leaves.

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