Message from the Chairman

John Spence

Our travel industry has faced many disruptions over the years and in these unchartered waters, the wellbeing of our staff, clients and members is our highest priority.  The landscape is changing daily, and for now, the Karma Group will delay the opening of select European properties as well as suspend operations in destinations where members are currently unable to travel. It goes without saying that all holiday bookings will be honoured.

In times of crisis, true leadership is revealed.  The Karma Group is a robust and 100% owned debt-free company that has historically thrived in times of adversity. Currently, we are looking at ways to expand the philanthropy and sustainability parts of our business and looking forward, envisage enhancing our portfolio with exciting new acquisitions.

The most important thing right now, however, is the safety and wellbeing of all of you and your families so please stay strong, fit and healthy, and have confidence that this storm will pass. Karma will return stronger than ever (and so will you). In the meantime, we are bringing a dose of Karma to you.

John Spence
Chairman, Karma Group


  1. John, we believe in you. As a matter of fact we always believed in you. This too shall pass. Hope everyone stays safe and in a positive state of mind.

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