Eggsclusive : It’s our Caviar Trivia

It’s the quintessential luxury food item – but how much do you know about these unassuming but highly desirable fish eggs? We’re giving away exclusive caviar hampers to two lucky winners who’ll be announced on 02 August!


    1. Why is caviar so expensive?

    2. True or False, the word ‘caviar’ is Russian?

    3. From which sea does the majority of the world’s caviar come?

    4. True or False, you should freeze caviar to keep it fresh?

    5. Which fish does red caviar come from?

    6. A popular choice of eating caviar is with ‘blinis’ - but what are they?

    7. In the past, what health factor was caviar prescribed to alleviate, apparently?

    8. Which quality is NOT as important when determining caviar?

    9. True or False, you can ‘hear’ caviar?

    10. Roughly how much is the most expensive caviar per kilo (Euros)?

    11. Which country is said to be the largest importer of Caviar?

    12. True or False, you shouldn’t chew caviar?

    13. Why shouldn’t you eat caviar with a metal spoon?

    14. What is the key difference between caviar and regular roe?

    15. True or False, you can only drink champagne or vodka when eating caviar?

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    1. Thanks for letting me enter. I’m looking forward to travelling soon and would love some caviar in the mean time

      1. ..and thank you for taking part – If you need any help planning your next adventure, do let us know! Good luck!

      1. You either love it or you hate it (like vegemite) Thank you for your participation and engagement in the quiz!

    2. I enjoy your quizzes but have not participated before.
      Thank you for the opportunity to join in the fun

      1. We’re happy to hear you’ve completed your first Karma Community quiz – thank you for taking part and for your feedback! Best of luck Joyce!

    3. Caviar is indeed a delicacy. Enjoyed attempting the quiz and hope to enjoy the caviar.

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