One on One with John Spence

From university drop out to budding punk rock guitarist through music manager of 80’s stars like Eurythmics, Culture Club and Bananarama to resort developer, barefoot luxury progenitor and entrepreneur with multiple awards and accolades to his name – John Spence’s journey so far has been a colourful one to say the least. Here, YAK magazine editor and Bali entertainment stalwart Sophie Digby sits down with John for a relaxed and intimate conversation with real insights into what makes the man tick – with more than a few tips towards achieving not just success, but happiness too…

YAK Interview


  1. Lovely to have this insight into John The family man. Wish the audio was better, as at times John’s voice fades out.
    Would love to heard the progress on Margaret River.
    Thank you John for this great concept being Karma…..we are one of the fortunate members of this Karma Family.

    1. Hi Mr and Mrs Robb, thank you for your feedback. We apologise for any inconveniences with the sound, we are unable to fix this as it’s on Yak’s channel. Further updates on Margaret River will come as soon as we can – It’s our pleasure having you in the Karma Group family!

  2. Met JS at Karma Crete pre Covid, and today we are Fractional Owners sitting at Karma Kandara by a
    Villa pool. Enjoyed the JS background story, and am today thankful for the ‘possibilities’ Karma presents for
    us to travel the World with Karma. You see, we retired
    this month & now have the free time to roam.
    To John Spence, thank you for what you have created and the Karma it will bring to us & many others !
    Chris & June Kingsbury

    1. We hope you’re having a blissful time in Bali Mr & Mrs Kingsbury! It’s wonderful to hear you’re enjoying your retirement and we could be a part of this – we love having you as part of the Karma family!

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