Yoga Flow : 30-minute Neck & Shoulder Release

Suffering tech neck and rounded shoulders from all your morning Zoom calls? Spending too many hours online causes our body to cave inward which affects our posture, circulation and blood flow. Karma Group’s Yoga Ambassador, Ola Lirka, shares this easy thirty-minute ‘Neck & Shoulder Release’ to release tension and tightness in the body. Filmed at Karma Kandara’s ocean facing Yoga Bale, breathe in the ocean air as Ola guides you through simple postures and easy movements that unlock, melt and soften your upper body.  Roll out your mat – this is the next best thing to a neck and shoulder massage. Feel your posture lengthen and strengthen…


  1. Beautiful music with the sound of the waves and breeze, Ola explains the exercises and breathing very well to create calm and release the tension.

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