Yoga Expert : 8 Wellbeing Tips

‘Wellbeing in our daily life should be a priority’ – Ola Lirka

Want to feel more energised, connected, inspired and comfortable? The Karma Group’s amazing Yoga Ambassador, Ola Lirka shares 8 wellbeing tips for cultivating health and happiness in our lives. 

1. Choose to be Happy and Joyful
Our thoughts have a tremendous impact on our lives. Positive thinking brings positive energy and spreads joy; negative thinking brings sadness and stops us from growing. Our thoughts create our worlds and our behaviours impact our moods, daily choices and self-talk.

2. Connect to nature
We are all part of nature. Our wellbeing is shaped by our natural environment and surroundings. Connect to the earth daily by going outside and breathing the fresh air. Stop and look around and be inspired by the magic around you. Wherever you go see the beauty of nature: the sunshine, earth, wind, snow and rain.

3. Eat the Rainbow
Choose plant-focussed, seasonal and organic food whenever possible. Eating fresh food has an amazing effect on the body and you will notice almost instantly increased energy levels, better concentration, better sleep and less bloating.

4. Be kind to yourself
Find time for yourself. Looking after YOURSELF should be your priority. This way you will have a better connection with yourself and with others. Each day find an hour or so that you can dedicate to yourself: go for a yoga class, take a hot bath, read a book or meditate.

5. REST is essential
Create a peaceful space where you can relax and rest. Make sure to have a healthy sleeping pattern. Remove the electronic devices from the bedroom to create a sacred space for your good night’s sleep. Listen often to relaxing music – classical piano works for me. Take a nap if you wish – they are super healthy! When restless try writing in a journal.

Find time and space to relax. Take up yoga or get familiar with breathing exercises. Meditate and visualise. Relaxation is necessary to reduce stress from our daily life.

7. Love your body – Move your body!
Any type of physical movement is better than no movement. Moving your body is essential for your wellbeing and for mental health. I highly recommend trying yoga as it will quickly improve your flexibility, stamina and lung capacity.

8. Hydrate
Drink plenty of water. I start my day with warm water infused with lemon and ginger. A glass of warm water with a dash of good quality apple cider vinegar half an hour before a big meal will improve your digestion. Herbal teas and freshly cold-pressed juices are an important part of a healthy diet as well.


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  1. Good for us 8 tips are excellent. Everyone is bussy in their routine life. Again u wake-up is to do better live with the existing ones thanks once again

  2. It reminds us to find time for ourselves and improve quality of life to remain healthy and fit.

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