Wine Down : New Year Cleanse!

Happy New Year – we hope wherever you are in the world you were able to celebrate in a happy and positive way with a friend and/or family member(s). The New Year is an opportunity to start anew. Leave things behind. It’s symbolic of new beginnings and a fresh start. 

There’s something awesome about giving your body a break from excessive food and alcohol for a few weeks. The physical advantages are numerous – improved digestion, sleep and hydration (skin glow) as well as reduced inflammation, toxins, muscle aches and pain. Just a few of the emotional benefits include more energy, clarity of thought and vitality to name a few.

Interested to do a virtual cleanse from home? Join Australian naturopath, Sally Mathrick, on a guided 21 day Cleanse & Renew that starts Monday January 11h. This program can be easily tailored to your lifestyle (for example, you don’t necessarily need to give up your morning coffee). It offers a range of options including gentle fasting, intermittent fasting and juice fasting.

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