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Human beings are adaptable and flexible creatures by nature.  Which is why the word ‘pivoting’ will probably go down as the word of 2020. With overseas holidays impossible for many, travel companies including the Karma Group were quick to ‘pivot’ to offer unique and safe alternative holiday experiences. And the good news is that some of these are here to stay.  Karma Group’s Wellness Curator, Judy Chapman, shares 3 of her favourites…

Staycations and Micro-cations are on the rise
Far-flung destinations off the radar (for now) but staycations and micro-cations are on the rise. A staycation is a holiday in one’s home country rather than abroad and involves day trips to local attractions whereas a micro-cation is defined as a shorter leisure trip that’s less than five nights. The advantage of shorter trips is that we support the local community and their businesses. All this plus, there’s no jet lag!

Nomadic, Glamping and GlamXperiences
Defined as a high-end version of the traditional camping experience, glamping is such a safe and healthy way to holiday in your own ‘bubble’ with friends and family. This is not just a luxury tent either. The Karma Group recently launched a new travel product, Karma Nomad, that provides Members with the opportunity to travel domestically in luxury campervans.  Some glamping destinations (coined as GlamXperiences) also offer luxury amenities such as a tented spa, yoga in a yurt and long tables with local organic food.  With fires under a star-filled sky, outdoor hikes and safe and social distancing, glamping holidays are poised to become a most sought-after holiday experience in 2020 and beyond.

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The Personalized Customer Experience
If there’s one positive thing to emerge this year it’s that travel brands who really take care of their customers will reign.  Which is why the Karma Group Membership programme works so well.  The team has been available 24/7 during this global crisis – to speedily cancel, change and postpone holiday bookings. During lockdown, many of our stranded Members were taken care of and safely cocooned in some of our luxury resorts. In my opinion, hotel and resort brands with solid Membership and loyalty programmes are the future of travel.


  1. Thankyou for the lovely comment Mr Darshan , we hope you will be holidaying soon .The karma resorts have now opened and welcoming guests.#StaySafe #StayHealthy #StayPositive

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