Wellbeing Trends : Work Spaces of the future

Working remotely and membership-based work spaces have been a growing trend around the world for several years.  Many of us are now experiencing the work from home (WFH) phenomena. With the way we work changing rapidly then little wonder office spaces are being reimagined in the most creative ways. Here are some trends for work spaces of the future…

Touchless Technology

Welcome to the era of touchless doors and elevators, as well as voice tech systems for touchless entries. There will also be pre-entry wellbeing checks at entry points and in some instances, social distancing sensors. There’s also automatic cleaning systems being introduced into office and public spaces. In the wellness space, we’re seeing results-oriented therapist-free massage and healing devices being developed. Two of our favourites include the cell Bio-Charger and Red Light Treatment.

Let’s keep it social

At the other end of the scale (thankfully) there’s also a movement in designing offices that bring people together in an inspired way. We’ll see offices integrated with the surrounding neighbourhood and community.  Companies with offices located in the same building will collaborate to co-create and share fitness gyms, wellness studios, rooftop bars and more. Socialising will also be more conscious – imagine communal tables in outdoor courtyards without any power outlets so staff  can come together and connect without being distracted by their devices.  Other thoughtful spaces will include libraries, music and games rooms, meditation rooms and more.

The rise of Green ‘Space’ offices

Last year, we all learned how clean air and being outdoors in the sun is for our health and immunity.  Architects and town planners are now creating more green environments including walking, hiking and cycling paths. Alongside this, parks and gardens are being reimagined so that people can safely work outdoors – think fast wifi, work benches and on-site cafes. The ideas are endless – what about an office ‘community garden’ or beehive on the rooftop?

Wellbeing Amenities

There’s mounting research about how well-designed workplaces improve staff wellbeing that in turn leads to higher performance and productivity. Over the last decade, for instance, forward-thinking companies have introduced lunch-time yoga and/or included gym memberships in executive packages as a strategy to retain staff. Now there’s a rise in portable wellness devices that can easily be installed at the office. Just some of these include Sleep Pods for power naps and Infrared Saunas for boosting staff’s energy levels – the possibilities are endless.

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