Wellbeing Fitness Trends 2020

Did you know that 1 in 4 people are exercising more now than before the pandemic? That a staggering 656 million people downloaded a fitness app during 2020?  From cycling and bike trails, hiking, indoor zoom and digital workouts, the entire world has woken up to the importance of staying fit. Here’s a round-up of some of the fitness trends to have emerged from this unprecedented year.

1. Mediation Increased by 2,900%
According to a recent report released by Fitbit, there’s been a staggering interest in stress-relieving activities. Their data shows that stress-relieving activities and fitness outside the gym are on the rise and meditation increased 2,900% globally – especially in countries including the UK and New Zealand (the former saw an increase of 7,360% while meditation increased in New Zealand by 9,017%).

2. Yoga increased by 25%
According to a new report released by global membership brand, Class Pass, Yoga is the most popular digital workout of 2020. It saw a global increase of 25% with many trying and taking up yoga for the first time online. P.S. High-intensity Interval training (HIIT) and Pilates were the next most popular fitness trends.

3. The Cycling Revolution
During the year, our interest in outdoor exercise increased massively – with many of us hitting the trails or cycling paths. In the USA alone, sales of bikes increased by a staggering 600% this year.  Governments of European countries are leading the way and more than 2,300 km (1,400 miles) of new bike lanes have been rolled out this year – now that’s inspiring!

4. The surge in outdoor fitness
We are exercising more than ever – especially outdoors!  It’s reported that COVID-secure outdoor workouts surged by 400%.  According to the Fitbit report, Canada saw a 103% increase in hiking, putting it fourth among countries surveyed. Sweden took top spot with a 181% increase.

5. Zoom Workouts are here to stay!
According to Class Pass, over 95% of fitness Studios around the world were forced to close during 2020 which spiked a surge online classes (a win-win for the consumer for both affordability and accessibility). And according to a new study by wellness brand, Mindbody, over 75% of consumers reported they would continue doing virtual classes(in addition to returning to their studios when the pandemic is over. As well,  owners of fitness and yoga studio owners reported they would continue to offer online classes as part of their business model.

Want to find out more? The Karma Group’s Wellness & Spa Curator, Judy Chapman,  will be sharing 2021 wellness trends in an upcoming edition.


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