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We exercise our body to keep firm and toned so why not our face? That’s the premise for the ‘face yoga’ phenomenon that has been one of the biggest beauty trends this year (as many of us couldn’t get a facial this year, the facialists came to us – via zoom). Studies have shown that when you practice daily face yoga massage for just eight weeks you can look at least three years younger. Now that’s inspiring! Daily face massage results in firmer, toned, lifted and relaxed facial muscles – plus you’ll be glowing from increased circulation and blood flow. Want to learn how to integrate face yoga exercises into your beauty routine? Here’s 3 of our recommendations…

Fumiko Takatsu – The founder of the famous Face Yoga Method has millions of dedicated followers from around the world. She teaches Face Yoga is a completely natural alternative to anti-aging remedies – and the results are amazing!


Join the vivacious Beata Aleksandrowicz in one of her weekly classes themed around Face Workout, Face Revival and Face Spa. At only £10 per class, these are also nicely affordable.


Face Yoga Australia – learn techniques to lift and sculpt, rebalance and realight from Physiotherapist and certified FaceYoga Method teacher, Vanamala Mayr-Reisch.


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