Top 5 Virtual Retreats : Let’s Create A Wellness Epidemic!

There’s an increasing choice of online meditation, yoga, fitness, spiritual and healthy workshops to explore.  Judy Chapman, Spa and & Wellness Curator for the Karma Group, shares her recommendations of five virtual wellbeing retreats to help you thrive…


Menla Mountain Retreat, New York

This renowned yoga retreat located in the Catskills a few hours from NYC is launching a series of online wellness retreats. Their first is the ‘Tibetan Dream Yoga Retreat’ hosted by Robert A.F Thurman and Dr. Nida Chenastang. During this retreat, deepen your knowledge about meditation from the perspective of Tibetan medicine and spirituality. Be guided on the deep journey to the inner self and emerge transformed.

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Oneworld Ayurveda, Bali

Ever wanted to try a detox? Bali’s luxury Ayurvedic retreat introduces an on-line Ayurvedic Detox and Immune-Booster retreat program. This seven-day virtual detox consists of health consultations, daily yoga and guided meditation, detox guidance workshops, and post-detox care.  All this, plus 21 immune boosting recipes to download, 6 x juices and 8 x herbal drink recipes, 4 x cooking demonstrations and more. 

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Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

‘Pay for your wellness program, accommodation is on us’ is the mindset at this premier Thai wellness retreat.  Select from online Stress Management or Life Coaching and Emotional Support that include a 30-minute complimentary consultation. Virtual workshops  are available with the resident wellness consultant, Stephanie Rault, who will provide grounded and nurturing support during your isolation time.

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Aro-ha, New Zealand

Queenstown’s premier eco yoga and hiking retreat are launching several inspiring virtual programs to keep people on track. Enjoy podcasts ‘Adventures in Wellbeing’ led by global experts in mindfulness, nutrition and self-care.  They are also launching a YouTube channel ‘Aro-Ha Handpicked’ that will feature content from a mix of wellness professions. As well, ‘A Day with Aro-Ha’ will be your complete at home virtual retreat, just switch off, and tune in.

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The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

The team at this holistic medical wellness resort have launched an on-line initiative to support people during quarantine. These include practical advice from healing experts as well as immune boosting advice, nutrition tips and recipes, stress relief, self-care practices.   They have also partnered with Naluri.life/online coaching app that offers personalized healthy advice by doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and fitness experts. 

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    1. Dear Prashant, Thank you for your feedback, we shall continue to keep in touch and shall provide our members with regular wellness recommendations. Cheers #StaySafe

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