Time to Dream : Serenity Seekers

Who doesn’t need more calm and balance in their lives right now. Thankfully, equilibrium is moments away when you take a treatment at a Karma Spa. From Bali to India, Australia to the Greek islands, our award-winning karma Spas are located in the world’s most desirable destinations. When your body is giving you signs that you need to take care of it (muscle aches, joint pain and sleep issues), then you know it’s time for some serious TLC.  We’ve rounded up the most sought-after treatments you need to book when you are able to travel again…

Let the waves wash your being with serenity at our Ocean ‘Segara’ Spa in Bali.

Situated on the beach at Karma Kandara, this gorgeous spa is set in a converted fishing hut and offers one of the best locales for deep healing. We recommend you book the ‘Couples Island Escape’ that involves two hours of uninterrupted ocean bliss. This treatment includes a Warm Sea Salt Scrub followed by a soothing massage of your choice and our signature Karma Yoga Facial that consists of lots of face, neck and scalp massage – need we say more!

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Cleanse your soul in an Infrared Sauna at Karma Kandara Bali (and Australia)!

Sweat your stress and feel all your tension melt away. An Infrared Sauna works by far infrared healing light penetrating the skin and deep into the tissue, bones and cells. They are amazing for cleansing the body of toxins, alcohol and digital overload. Even one 30-45 minute sauna session will do wonders for your energy levels. Back in 2008, Karma Spas were one of the first luxury resort destinations to launch an Infrared Sauna, however, these days Infrared Saunas are found in all the best spas around the world (including Karma Spa at Karma Rottnest)!

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Surrender to bliss with a Balinese Massage and warm sea salt compress at Karma Spa in Australia.

One of our all-time favorites, the Balinese Massage + Warm Sea Salt Compress is what guests and Members book when they are feeling stressed-out and overwhelmed.  The restorative two-hour ritual includes our signature Sacred Balinese Massage enhanced with warm sea salt compresses that are pressed gently on specific parts of your body including your lower back, neck and shoulder. Feels incredibly soothing! All your muscle aches and tension will disappear  – expect to depart feeling cleansed and regenerated.

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Or treat yourself to a luxury Vanessa Megan facial…

We recently launched this award-winning Vanessa Megan Australian brand at our Karma Spa on Rottnest island  – and they are simply fabulous!  This certified organic luxury facial range is high-performance and so beautifully presented. We recommend you book the signature ‘Cryo Facelift Facial’ that involves a combination of Vitamin C and cryo cubes that smooths away the lines and leaves your skin glowing with vitality.  This facial also includes the signature Karma Surrender neck and shoulder release to unlock tension in the upper body area – you’ll look and feel so good.

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P.S.  Vanessa Megan picked up not one but a staggering 15 awards at the 2021 Organic Beauty Awards!

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