Serene and Green Sustainable Karma Salak

Sustainable and regenerative travel and tourism has been one of the most important growth sectors in the global travel industry for some time now. A 2018 study by, for instance, found that over 87% of travellers wanted to travel more sustainably and these figures have continued to increase. 

As hotels and resorts begin to reopen, the trend for providing more earth-nurturing environments for guests to enjoy is thriving. 

Which brings us to Karma Salak, one of the Karma Group’s newly opened resorts. Located in West Java in Indonesia, Karma Salak is the ideal destination for those seeking pristine landscapes, fresh mountain air and traditional culture and cuisine.

The resort also boasts a strong green ethos. Earth lovers will appreciate the eco touch points including water refilling stations, recycling towel systems and natural bathroom amenities.

There’s also a big focus on upcycling at Karma Salak resort – where discarded objects or materials are thoughtfully used to create new products.

Says Marlinde Verhoeff, Regional General Manager for Karma Royal Indonesia: ‘Our staff are naturally trained to think green. We make the most of everything we have here. The decorations used as centrepieces on the tables at our restaurant are all created and crafted from the garden’.  

In addition, Karma Salak grows plenty of bamboo on the property that is used to create features including bridges, hand railings, benches and low tables. Marlinde says they are also building Gazebos entirely out of bamboo! 

Marlinde adds that they have also created their own fruit and veggie gardens and are in the process of creating a hydroponic garden. The produce includes cucumbers, pineapples, strawberries, ginger and more. 

Sounds like the perfect list for a healthy morning juice!


  1. No wonder they can create features with natural materials. The staff are naturally learn on their daily life. Great idea

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