Sacred Sounds : ‘Invocations of the Heart’ Album Release

‘Sound is the medicine of the future’

We are proud to present ‘Invocations of the Heart’, a collaboration between Vanessa Holliday and her musician partner David Khan. It features six spiritual mantras including Om Mani Padme and Om Namo Shivaya – to anchor one into a space of calm and relaxation.   

Mantras are stories from Indian mythology and have long been used in healing. Chanting mantras are believed to benefit our wellbeing by releasing emotions,  raising our vibration and feelings of deep connection.

‘The release of this album comes at the most perfect time when so many of us are at home and taking the time for inner reflection,’ says Vanessa, who leads seaside yoga with sound therapy and live chanting at Karma Kandara, Bali and Karma Reef on Gili Meno.  She says it is a celebration of the unique healing energy of Bali.

This is Vanessa and David’s first album together – blending Vanessa ethereal vocals, crystal bowls and tibetan bowls with David’s vocals and guitar.

  Listen to ‘invocations of the Heart’ Album or Download and Purchase on Bandcamp


    1. Dear Mr. Sagoo, thank you for your encouraging comment. We shall come back to you with more wellness recommendations. Till such time enjoy listening to the ‘Invocations of the Heart”. Cheers #KarmaEntertainment

  1. I enjoyed listening to the tracks on Invocations Of the Heart. Lovely versions of mantras that I’m familiar with from my yoga practice. Would be a perfect soundtrack to healing massage.

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