Have your running shoes ready – an awesome fitness workout plan by Mike Tindall, the former English Rugby Player and Karma Group Sports Luminary. Get up close and personal with Mike with two podcast interviews – a few fun stories for the rugby fans!

Mike made his debut for England in 2000, and as well as winning the 2003 World Cup, played in eleven six national championships from 2000-2011.  Since retiring, Mike and his wife Zara (Phillips) have traveled extensively, and are frequent visitors to the Karma Group properties around the world. Of their stay at Karma Kandara resort in Bali, Mike said it was the most relaxing place he’s ever been. In his words:  ‘The whole set up is designed to inspire relaxation.’  Zara is the daughter of Anne, Princess Royal, and the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth 11 and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Start with 1k/1k bike

  • 20 SA snatch
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 butterfly sit ups


  • 20 Press ups release
  • 20 reverse lunges
  • 10 leg raises

1k run/bike

  • 20 DB push press
  • 20 renegade row
  • 20 mountain climbers

Get up close and personal with Mike Tindall : Here’s two podcast interviews with Mike sharing some fun stories for rugby fans.

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