Home Spa Retreat

Now is a great time to transform your home into a spa retreat. Not only will your space feel cleaner and greener, but there’s also plenty of important health benefits as well. Well-ventilated spaces, indoor plants, natural fabrics, soothing music, and healthy food are key. Here are our tips on how to create a serene ambience.

Your lush ‘hotel’ bedroom   
To transform your bedroom into a hotel sanctuary, it’s all about lighting lighting lighting – keep it low! Decorate your bed with luxe natural linen sheets and beautifully arranged cushions.  Think about a hanging mosquito net that creates a romantic feel. Make sure you have lots of green plants to help improve air circulation and are thought to help promote better sleep. 

Resort bathroom  
Your bathroom is an obvious area to create a spa-like feel.  Dimmer lights are key to creating a softer ambience (a corner lamp will work as well too). Add little luxuries like a scented candle and aromatherapy burner. If you are fortunate to have a tub, decorate it with ceramic bowls of soaps and oversized bottles of bath salts – and treat yourself to a restorative soak. 

Create a Meditation Corner
How easy is it to transform a nook into your yoga or meditation corner – all you need is a yoga mat, a meditation cushion, and a candle and/or incense stick. Don’t forget your wireless headphones and eye mask – there’s plenty of guided meditations these days. Creating a daily zen ritual will keep you in the zone – all day! 

Create a Holistic Kitchen
There’s never been a more crucial time than now to keep our immune systems robust and resilient. It goes without saying that the kitchen is like the ‘holistic heart’ of your home retreat.  Display bountiful bowls of fresh fruits and veggies, and a water dispenser with slices of lime and mint. Fill your fridge with GMO-free organic foods and antibiotic-free meats and dairy.  In the months and years ahead we will see a transformation in farming methods and a greater awareness of food provenance, so get ahead of the game! #Stayhealthy

Take it Outdoors
Recently, we shared an article on how to keep the kids active with a backyard ‘jungle gym’.  Create a resort-like space in your backyard by adding dim-lit lighting, resort-like relaxation areas, a glamping tent and/or fire pit.  It’s also very easy (and fairly inexpensive) to install an infrared sauna on your back deck. For your home spa, set up a large bowl and relax your feet in warm water sprinkled with Epsom salts while sipping hot ginger tea or a well-deserved glass of Pinot! 


  1. Our garden and pool area have been inspired by Karma Jimbaran…….just not as much greenery around the pool

    1. Dear Debbie, thank you. We really appreciate feedback & suggestions from our members which helps us make decisions and provide our members and readers with fun curated content. Cheers #ExperienceKarma

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