Halo Your Home – Best Home Spa Technologies 2021

Judy Chapman, the Karma Group’s Wellness & Spa Curator, shares her top wellness technologies to well-up your home!

As a Spa Designer, I’m always on the lookout for results-oriented wellness devices to introduce into our award-winning Karma Spas.  Just some of these in the past have included our Infrared Saunas and Red Light LED Facials (with the highly-anticipated Infrared Biomat being launched at Karma Rottnest next month)! 

But with most of the past year spent in lockdown, I’ve recently become passionate about wellness for residential spaces. Because there’s never been a more important time than now to stay healthy, strong and robust! 

The good news is that there’s been incredible R&D into home wellness technologies. Many of these are reasonably priced, portable and super easy to install.  Simply put, if you care about your health and wellbeing, then it may be worth considering introducing some of these at home. From home saunas to air purifiers and red light treatments, here are several ways to well up your home!

Stay Rejuvenated With Red Light Treatments

My current obsession is Red Light Treatments (RLT) and with good reason. Presented in simple panels, they are easy to install, use and are thought to deliver great results for weight-loss, inflammation, enhanced sleep, skin rejuvenation and so much more! 

Sports athletes have long used RLT for healing inflammation, building muscle tissue and assisting with their recovery from injuries. In the beauty space, RLT is now used for boosting tissue, collagen and skin glow.   Red Light therapy was popularised back in the 1990’s when scientists discovered red light promotes growth of plant cells and started using red light to grow plants in space. Fast track forward, and red light has been studied for its effect on boosting energy in human cells. It’s thought that RLT strengthens our mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells and where our cell’s energy is created.

With more energy, our cells can regenerate and repair faster and better. Interested to find out more? There are several excellent brands globally producing simple and affordable RLT. One of the best is the Australian Aurora Red Light https://shop.auroraredlight.com brand. You can buy these as single panels or go all out and or invest in the full body one!

Install an Infrared Sauna

Over the last decade Infrared Saunas have become one of the most popular technologies introduced into the spa and wellness space. In fact, back in 2008, the Karma Group was the first luxury resort in Bali to introduce this into a spa environment. Last year, we launched an Infrared Sauna at Karma Spa at Karma Rottnest Australia.

Sweating is one of the only proven ways to detoxify our body and Infrared Saunas are used for detoxifying the body of heavy toxic metals such as lead and mercury as well as alcohol. Infrared heat boosts circulation, oxygen and metabolism in the body, helps to relax the muscles and is commonly used by athletes for pain recovery.

You can easily install an Infrared Sauna at home either inside or outdoors!  Some of the best sauna brands to consider include Clearlight Australia  (www.infrared-sauna.com.au) you’ll find their saunas at the best spas around the world) and HigherDOSE New York (higherdose.com).

Spa Designer Tip : When selecting where to install your sauna, why not place it in an area that overlooks your garden for added tranquillity.

Consider a Portable Infrared Sauna

When you can’t install an Infrared Sauna unit at home, then consider an Infrared Sauna Blanket from HigherDOSE These are so easy to use  – you simply snuggle up inside the wrap and the soothing and stimulating infrared heat will gradually increase blood flow and promote sweat and detoxification. It’s like working out without working out!

Another wonderful home spa sauna is the Clearlight Curve Dome Saunas that has infrared mats on both sides so you are heated on the front and back of your body.  These are lightweight and easy to fold up and store in a closet or corner of the room.

P.S. Clearlight is currently upgrading it’s range to a next-level experience – stay tuned!

Stay Regenerated With a Bio-Mat

I recently discovered the amazing Infrared Bio-Mats and the good news is we are about to launch these into Karma Spa at Karma Rottnest. Essentially, you lie on these crystal-infused infrared heated mats for 20-30 minutes and reap the benefits of deep and profound relaxation. They are designed to de-stress, support the immune system, decrease inflammation, improve sleep and ease you into that lovely parasympathetic state where self-healing kicks in.

In my opinion, the Amethyst Richway BioMats (www.richwayandfujibio.com) produced in the USA are one of the best products. They produce medical-quality FDA-Approved mats for indications including relaxation of muscles, increase of local circulation where applied, reduction of muscle pain and minor joint pain and stiffness as well as pain associated with arthritis.  New York HigherDOSE Infrared Mats are also excellent and one of the most affordable on the market. According to the founders,  these mats give a similar benefit to an Infrared Sauna but without the sweating element.  The HigherDOSE Infrared Mats are made with four beneficial layers: Amethyst Layer, Tourmaline Layer, Charcoal Layer, and the Clay Layer. The amethyst layer, for example, provides a deeper penetration of therapeutic infrared and is like ‘a natural tranquilizer’ that helps to relieve stress and anxiety and balance mood swings. The tourmaline layer is believed to increase mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system. The charcoal layer amplifies the detoxification process and the clay later emits negative ions and is balancing to the heat.

All this, plus the Biomats are light and easy to travel with!

P.S. HigherDOSE has just launched a travel version called the Infrared PEMF Go Mat that offers the benefits of infrared heat without the sweating. You can take it to the office and relax while you work – what’s not to love about that!

De-stress in a Yoga Hammock

Stress is now considered a leading cause for many of today’s chronic (and often preventable) modern diseases. Which is why I’m a big advocate of anything that helps one unwind and decompress.  Embody your laziness with a silk Yoga Hammock that you can pick up for under $100. These hammocks feel so amazing that some spas have introduced these as an actual paid spa treatment. Indeed, the sensation of the weightless swaying in the hammock feels incredibly restful for the mind and body.  There are many brands offering good quality silk Yoga Hammocks. Yoga practitioners use them to deepen their practice as they can strengthen flexibility and enhance inversions and backbends – but I personally recommend them for cocooning and siesta time! P.S. Some say they also help to relieve back pain.

Purify Your Water

In these unprecedented times, there’s never been a more critical time to introduce a water purification system. Bacteria, contaminants and viruses found in water systems can cause serious illnesses. Some holistic practitioners go as far as to say that viruses can leave an imprint in water that has an impact on one’s immunity. 

Simply put, drinking clean, chemical free and alkalised water is essential for our physical health, energy and vitality.

There are many water filtration systems on the market but the good ones aren’t cheap. That said, a water filter (that can be put on your shower tap as well) is probably the number one best investment you can make for your personal health.  Experts recommend one that filters out at least .45 of microns. You’ll want to invest in one that is proven to be effective in removing most heavy metals, pathogens and toxins including food pesticides and additives that we ingest from our water supplies.

…and Your Indoor Air Quality

If you live in the city then I would recommend investing in a good quality Air Filter as soon as you can. Air pollution is now considered one of the most serious health issues in the world today – especially when it comes to indoor air pollution. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 92% of the world’s urban population lives in cities where the air is toxic

And according to the EPA, indoor pollution can be two to five times greater than outside. Simply put, there are countless (often hidden) chemicals and contaminants found in modern furniture, bedding and fabrics as well as in personal care and cleaning products. Throw out your Air Fresheners – they are filled with chemicals! Clean air is a prerequisite for our personal wellbeing.

Which is why I love the USA brand Austin Healthmate Air Filters (https://austinair.com/) that are designed to protect and combat viruses, pathogens, dust, dander, pollen, and airborne allergens with medical grade HEPA filtration. I am sure there are lots of other great brands on the marketplace – do your research!

The Ultimate Home Massage (No Therapist Required).

I discovered Migun Massage Therapy Tables (migunworld.com) a few decades ago and have been obsessed about them ever since.  They are promoted as a cutting-edge pain management therapy, and I use mine daily simply to rest and restore. Essentially, you lay down on a bed that is warm and comfortable as far-infrared heated jade massage heads glide up and down your back from the tip of your head to the bottom of your tailbone and up and down both legs. Feels so good! The deep heat penetrates and relaxes muscles as it gently flexes and stretches your spine, reducing inflammation, improving blood flow and nerve conduction. Migun Massage Therapy tables are recommended for back pain, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sleep and stress, and anxiety.  You’ll often find these at wellness clinics and Pilates studios.

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