Detox Bootcamp : Your Complimentary 5-day Reset

Over the years, detox guru and Australian naturopath Sally Mathrick has hosted several workshops and wellness consultations for our guests and Members at our flagship Karma Spa at Karma Kandara, Bali. Here, Sally gives us the lowdown about detox as well as access to her complimentary 5-day Virtual Reset Retreat September 16th-20th.

How are you staying healthy and positive during these unprecedented times?  
I eat fresh foods, connect with nature and good people, exercise regularly and limit my media exposure. From this secure space, I contemplate the intensity of what’s going on in the world and find an integral confidence in humanity to create the “new now” and thus the future.

You’re the queen of detox. What exactly is a detox and how often do you recommend we do one?
Detox is an ongoing physical process that every cell undertakes. “Doing a cleanse” essentially helps this natural process, through reducing exposure to toxins and supporting elimination of toxins. I suggest focusing on cleansing two to four times a year, or more frequently if you can. Short term benefits include better sleep, clarity of mind and increased energy levels. Long term benefits are reduced risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

There are so many types of detox. How do we choose which one is right for us?
Great question! An individual approach is important. It also depends on your body’s toxin burden. After years of practice, I’m quite conservative and suggest preparing your body before launching into more intense cleansing practices. This way you’ll avoid adverse reactions like headaches, withdrawals and body aches.

Sally Mathrick

What are some of the most harmful toxins in our modern lives?

  1. Pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on our fruit and veggies.
  2. Pollution, both indoors and outdoors. For example, inhaling chemicals found in common cleaning products, in particular, those containing “fragrance” as these are generally hormone-disrupting chemicals. Outdoors, diesel fumes are renowned for damaging the lung tissue.
  3. Feelings of unworthiness, and associated emotions such as fear, that are not processed in a healthy and understanding way, and which can feed feelings of disconnection. Get those toxins out of your life!

There’s a lot of talk lately about the importance of a healthy immune system lately – tell us more!
Our immune system is our body’s way of protecting us from “other” – and that other can be a pathogenic virus, and can also be a foreign toxic chemical. From a naturopathic perspective there are lots of things we can do to boost our immune system, and reducing toxins and supporting detoxification is included in this! Also make sure you have all the nutrients required for an adequate immune function and the boosting of your immune system.

What foods do you recommend to strengthen our immune system?
I love hearty soups in the winter and real chicken soup with vegetables is a lovely ‘food-as-your-medicine’ for immunity. Juices and smoothies are great too – with added ginger if it’s still cold where you live, packed with plant(phyto)chemicals, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Best to drink them at room temperature if it’s still cold where you are.

Infrared Sauna at Karma Kandara

What about Far Infrared Saunas for detox (we have these at our Karma Spas in Bali and Australia).
I love saunas! Sweating is an awesome way to eliminate toxins through the skin, rather than the kidneys. FIR saunas are fantastic – just make sure you check for adequate hydration before and after.

A shout out to our Melbourne-based Members – any tips for folk living in urban areas?
Lots of love to the Melbournians and anyone in lockdown doing it tough. We’re thinking of you! At this stage of the year, it’s a really good idea for anyone living below 37 degrees latitude (this includes Melbourne) to supplement with some Vitamin D3. By now most people’s reserves will have been used up, and it’s important for immune and mood balance.

You’ve been to our resorts in Bali a few times – what was your favourite Karma Spa treatment?
 I love all the spa treatments at Karma! Being massaged overlooking the ocean is gorgeous! My favourite treatment is the Oxygen Facial. So lovely to experience all that pampering!

Finally, you are offering readers a complimentary online 5-day online Reset retreat that begins September 16th-20th (thank you). Can you share more about this?
Reset Yourself 2020 is a gift to the world during these unprecedented times. It’s intended to build people’s resilience, confidence in themselves, and to support decision making around health. It’s a safe and easy way to kickstart one’s health  (without necessarily having to give up your morning coffee).  I hope everyone who partakes in this will be inspired to live the best version of themselves.

Reset Yoursef 2020

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