Chill Pill : Magnesium Spa Remedies

With the reopening of our Karma Spa on Rottnest Island, we’re thrilled to share with you these magnesium-rich treatments designed to reduce stress and ease you into deep rest.

In these modern times, magnesium has to be one of the most amazing ingredients for spa treatments. Magnesium is an essential element for the body that is stored in our bones, tissues and cells. We need to keep our magnesium levels stable for bone and teeth health, nerve and muscle function, and electrolyte balance.  Unfortunately, our magnesium levels can easily become depleted when we experience too much stress and consume processed foods and water. Which is why at Karma Spa on Rottnest Island we’ve collaborated with Western Australian brand, Ancient Salts. For three generations, Ancient Lakes has ethically harvested natural salt from Lake Deborah in Western Australia. Their range of internal and external remedies including sea salts, balms and oils, are the highest sellers at our spa – and we infuse these into some of our treatments.

These are three magnesium-rich Karma Spa therapies to help you ease into deep relaxation…


    When you need more focus on your back and neck area, we apply magnesium oils and balms to help soothe and soften tense and tired muscles.
    45-minutes / $90

    Book here and receive a 10% discount


    A magnesium-rich and muscle-warming remedy. Deep Tissue Massage + Head & Scalp Soother + Herbal Tea.
    120-minutes / $255

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    A restorative treatment to help you slow down, unwind and rest well.
    Warm Stone Back Massage with Magnesium Balm + Karma Yoga Facia l+ Foot Reflexology + Sleep Well Tea
    120-minutes $255

    Book here and receive a 10% discount

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