Campervan Wellness : Fitness on the Road

From morning bbq’s to afternoon picnics and evening stargazing, there’s few experiences as memorable as road trips with friends and family. To coincide with the recent launch of the Karma Group’s Karma Nomad travel product, our Spa Curator, Judy Chapman, shares 5 tips to help you maintain your health on the road.

Plan Ahead

When organizing your itinerary, select routes that require pit stops along the way where you can move your body to counterbalance long sedentary drives.  Think short to long walks to inspiring lookouts, hikes, hot spring dips, and creek and ocean swims. Why not book ahead to drop into a local yoga or fitness studio at nearby towns.

What to Pack  

A yoga mat, skipping rope and even some weights will work well. You may also want to download yoga and fitness apps as well as inspiring podcasts to keep you entertained on the road. Why not book a massage at a spa along the way  – you deserve it!

 Rise & Shine

You’ve got your yoga mat so do a few morning stretches to get the circulation moving. A few minutes of daily skipping is said to help maintain our weight, improve cardio and keep the body toned. You don’t need any props to do push ups, dips and lunges – it’s all so easy!  

Good Nutrition

It can be challenging to find healthy snacks along the way. We suggest you don’t leave home without your own power trail mix of antioxidant-rich walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, dark chocolate and dried berries  Sipping herbal teas and organic hot chocolate around the campfire at night will keep you warm and well.

Create a Spa Car

It’s easy to get dry and cracked hands and feet when camping so lather up with thick creams. Natural mist sprays will keep your skin hydrated. Essential oil blends to dab onto your wrists will help you maintain your zen as will a soothing playlist. Slip-on a silk eye mask at night to block out any artificial light plus beeswax earplugs will block out any unwanted sounds – you’ll sleep so well!

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