6 Post COVID – 19 Wellness Trends

We’ve learned a lot about the value of the simple things in life lately. Fresh air, sharing a meal with friends, and the joy of social connection. As we start to return to our ‘new normal’, Karma Groups Wellness Curator, Judy Chapman, reveals how our wellness habits are changing. Here’s six trends to watch in the time of corona…

Respiratory Health

Over the last few months, we’ve got up to speed about the importance of a healthy respiratory system.  The good news is that spas offer so many ways for us to strengthen our respiratory system –  such as yoga, pranayama, exercise, and deep full breathing.  Keeping our planet’s ‘lungs’ clean is also vital. Planting trees and reforestation will help keep Mother Earth’s own respiratory system strong as well – it’s all interconnected.

‘Immunity’ is the new buzzword

Through the difficult time since lockdown started, we’ve fast-tracked our understanding of the immune system. We’ve also come to realise we can’t rely on our core health systems alone, and must take extra preventative care to keep ourselves strong and resilient. Get prepared for immune-boosting retreats as well as immunity enhancing teas, herbs, supplements, treatments, and more.

Touchless Therapies

Last year, sound healing and energy medicine were predicted to be the next wave of wellness. So it’s no surprise to discover that touch-free therapies are now very much on the rise – some of these include reiki, crystal healing, private saunas, and sound bowl massage to name a few. Even so, we think nothing will ever beat the soothing benefits of healing hands.

Take it Outdoors

More than ever, we value open-air spaces. We’ll be gravitating  outdoors – massages in tented spas, outdoor yoga bales, jungle gyms, camping under the stars, as well as lung-cleansing hikes and beach walks.

Online Movement

According to a recent study, the rise in virtual workouts has increased ten-fold since March. In fact, online fitness has been so successful that many studios report they will continue to stream online classes even after their doors reopen. The good news is that many modern diseases are thought to be preventable through regular exercise – let’s keep moving!

Physical Distancing (not social distancing)

While group hugs are OUT and the Thai way of greeting with hands to heart is IN, there’s still so many ways to create magical settings for gatherings. Imagine al fresco dining under the stars, tea ceremonies, outdoor cinemas, group hikes, and much much more.  After months of isolation, it makes sense for us to value human connection more than ever – Namaste!

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