5 Reasons to Get More Massages in 2022
(Besides the fact that you deserve it!)

If you’ve visited a Karma Spa before, you’ll know that we take our wellness seriously. As in, we make sure they are seriously relaxing, rejuvenating and deep-down healing. Here’s why it’s worth making this age-old art a part of your routine this year…

1. Reduces blood pressure

It’s not guaranteed but studies have shown regular massages lowers our blood pressure. Not only will you feel good but it’s good for our health and longevity too!

2. Improves the efficiency of the body’s lymphatic system

Yup, it’s true – a skillful masseuse using the correct techniques can support lymphatic drainage, which moves the toxins out of the lymph system and can reduce soreness/tiredness in the muscles, delayed onset pain. 

3. Reduces stress

Ok, no surprise here perhaps – but who doesn’t want a little less stress in their lives. Plus there’s science to it – a good massage can increase the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine and reduce the dreaded cortisol stress hormones.

4. Strengthens Facial Muscles

The jury is out on skin improvement – but a good facial massage can strengthen facial muscles and have a positive impact on temporomandibular disorder and the headaches that go with it. 

5. Eases neck, shoulder, and lower back pain

One of the best times to treat yourself to a massage is after travel – especially long flights where you are sitting for long hours and the muscles get tight and tired. So on your next Karma holiday, be sure to book yourself in for a treatment the evening or morning after you arrive!

Need any more motivation to book a massage? Make sure you book in advance at our award-winning Karma Spas on your next vacation at a Karma Group resort.

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  1. Above 5 reasons are good & true but Karma Spa is very very costly. If you reduce charges for Spa then more members will avail it.

  2. The 5 reasons mentioned to get more massages are un questionable. But the cost is high, so make it reasonable if you can.

  3. Hathi Mahal, we had last December 2021 had a very pleasant repeat experience for both me and my wife. The price with special offers tend to be very reasonable and hence we never miss a chance to have Spa Experience at Karma every time.

    1. This is excellent feedback, Sambharajubabu! Thank you! We will definitely pass it on to our staff at the Haathi Mahal spa. We look forward to welcoming you again soon!

  4. The SPA treatment at Candidasa in Bali was outstanding and reasonably priced. Thank you

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