4 Pandemic Wellness Trends That are Here to Stay

In this edition, we are thrilled to share the highlights of a new trends report ‘The Rebalancing Act’ presented by Reddit Radar. According to this report, ‘Redditors’ are finding new habits, hobbies and homes! From liberated nomadism to prioritizing exploration and escapism, mindful consumption and mental management, here’s a snapshot of the trends that emerged during the pandemic that are here to stay.

Trend 1 – Mental Management – invest in the inner self
During the pandemic, many people began investing more in their mental and emotional wellbeing and making joy a priority. The good news is this trend continues to expand and evolve. Conversations around meditation and mindfulness are rising in popularity. There is also an increase in activities that have a meditative and therapeutic effect on mind and body including knitting and embroidery. One thing that’s clear is self-care is here to stay!

Trend 2 – The Romanticized life – prioritizing a desire for exploration and escapism by pursuing alternative lifestyles that spark joy.
Over the last two years, many folk experienced the ‘art of slowing down and smelling the roses’ which led to a worldwide interest in growing gardens and spending more time outdoors. Pastoral Living describes the activities of people who feel inspired to recapture idyllic and rural lifestyles of the past. As many say farewell to the office commute, the idea of a slower lifestyle in harmony with nature away from modern technology and air pollution, is very appealing. Others are taking advantage of ‘Liberated Nomadism’ that describes the work-from-anywhere culture and a digital nomad lifestyle. This gives people more freedom to combine work and travel.

Trend 3 – Revitalised Residences – maximizing spaces and taking on new skills to enjoy their homes to the fullest.
It makes sense that people are revitalising their homes and residences to embody the trend of work-life-balance. This includes Multifunctional Digs –where people are transforming their homes with spas, gyms and even movie theatres to make homes more comfortable and sanctuary-like.  During the pandemic, many learned or upgraded their skills in a whole range of things including languages, cooking, wine appreciation and even beer brewing –  expect ‘First Rate Host’ entertainment when you next stay with friends and family.

TREND 4 – Cognizant Consumption – taking steps to reduce impact on the environment
According to the report, Redditors are taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment.  This includes conscious shopping where people are shopping locally and more mindfully when it comes to fashion and food. In fact the report shows that 58% of people are consciously choosing to lower their consumption in the name of sustainability.  There’s also a movement towards ‘low and no car’ as people explore alternate and more sustainable transport options to reduce their carbon footprint.  People are waking up to the fact that taking care of the planet starts with them.

About Reddit Radar:  Reddit is a cultural radar. It is home to over 100,000 communities where people are connected by interests not individuals. Reddit Radar is on the pulse in detecting trends, signals and shifts in cultural phenomena. https://www.reddit.com

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