Luxuria Praises

It’s been a magical season for our properties across the British Isles – as evidenced by these glowing reviews in leading UK publications. The Daily Mail visited Karma St. Martin’s on a recent visit to the Isles of Scilly for some stargazing and sub-tropical serenity; Luxuria Lifestyle magazine joined us in the Cotswolds for a relaxing weekend in our historic Tudor Manor, Karma Salford Hall, while the Edinburgh Reporter previews the upcoming 12 Days of Karma at Karma Lake of Menteith in Scotland… 

Karma St. Martin’s, Isle of Scilly, UK

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Karma Salford Hall, The Vale of Evesham, UK

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Karma Lake of Menteith, Stirling, Scotland

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  1. My wife and me visited ST. MARTIN’S five years ago, and even today, we just get swayed in to that PERFECT SETTING AT ST. MARTIN’S , THE RESORT, THE BEAUTIFUL maintenance of the property AND ABOVE ALL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOCATION OF THE PROPERTY, ALL just play out in our CONSCIENCE like a FILM, and we will never ‘ EVER” forget those beautiful seven days and nights , which we spent at ST. MARTIN’S, OF COURSE, LET ME ADMIT, we would like to go there AGAIN !!

    1. The account of your holiday at St. Martin’s paints such a beautiful picture for us, Bharat! It’s clear that you had an amazing time. We’d love to welcome you and your family there again! Thank you for making the Karma Group part of your wonderful holiday memories.

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