Hooking & Cooking at Menteith

Since opening last year, Karma Lake of Menteith has proven to be one of our most popular resorts – a truly authentic experience of Scotland’s heartlands. The resort has also generated a lot of press – including this excellent feature article in Perthshire Magazine that shares the unique destination experience of being able to catch one’s own fish – and then have it expertly prepared at the resort. And whether you hook a trout or not, chef Joe Pedden has some delicious recipes up his sleeve, including the delicious smoked trout fishcakes recipe included here…

Indeed, Karma Lake of Menteith is a finalist in this year’s Food Awards Scotland. You can help us win in the Best Hotel Restaurant category by casting your vote below.



  1. We can’t vote on this yet as we haven’t had the pleasure, but! we will be staying there in October so
    all sounds really good. Looking forward to some excellent trout patties.

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