Yeah Baby! It’s the Mike Myers Quiz

From Shrek to Austin Powers, Wayne’s World to Monty Python, our screens have been blessed by Mike Myers since the 80’s. The veteran comic is even making a comeback, playing seven characters in the new Netflix comedy series The Pentaverate – worth looking out for!

To celebrate his 59th birthday, test your knowledge of the actor to be in the running to win 3 x USD 100 vouchers.

The three winners will be announced on 06 June on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. Michael John Myers was born 59 years ago in Canada to British parents. Where in the UK are his family from?

    2. Mike Myers rose to fame playing wannabe rockstar Wayne Campbell in the 90’s movie franchise Wayne's World. What was Wayne's best friend called?

    3. Eddie Murphy voices Mike's famous character Shrek's sidekick and best friend in the movies. Who does he play?

    4. Which Quentin Tarantino film did Mike Myers appear in?

    5. Mike Myers was a cast member of what late-night comedy show?

    6. Complete the quote from Mike’s 2009 movie - originally Dr Suess - The Cat in the Hat. "This cat should not be here, he should not be about. He should not be here..."

    7. Myers wrote and starred in a 2008 comedy about a Hindu spiritualist, what was it called?

    8. Who is Austin Powers’ arch-nemesis?

    9. Which Beatles star famously sent Mike Myers a letter thanking him for his "funny movies"?

    10. In which Canadian province will you find a road named Mike Myers Drive?

    11. Ogre Shrek has a very distinctive accent, but what is it?

    12. How many characters did Mike play in the Austin Powers franchise?

    13. Myers famously appeared as himself in a music video in 2003, but for which band?

    14. Can you name the movie that honours the life of Freddie Mercury in which Mike played a record executive?

    15. At which award ceremony did Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reprise their Wayne’s World roles for a brief introduction in 2019?

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