World Reef Day Quiz

Are coral reefs an animal and what causes coral bleaching? Test your knowledge about all things to do with World Reef Day in our weekly quiz, and you could take home one of three USD 100 vouchers. 

The winners will be announced on 15 June across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?

    2. A ringed shaped reef

    3. What is the hard structure that provides the foundation for the reef?

    4. Coral reef is an animal

    5. A coral reef provides ________ for small fish.

    6. Anemones use their _____ to paralyze their prey.

    7. Coral reefs are found all over the oceans.

    8. What are coral reefs often compared to?

    9. Coral reefs are endangered by

    10. Coral Reefs are found in

    11. Coral reefs are home to how many species?

    12. What causes coral bleaching?

    13. What is one way scientists trying to save the coral reefs?

    14. What is the largest coral reef on the planet?

    15. What builds up over time to form a reef?

    16. Which of the following is NOT a type of coral reef?

    17. What type of water does coral prefer?

    18. Why does coral require clear water to grow?

    19. Which type of coral reef forms along the shoreline?

    20. What type of coral reef forms a lagoon?

    21. Hard coral relies upon symboitic algae (who uses photosynthesis) as a food source. The algae provide food for coral and the coral provides a shelter for algae. Which type of symbiotic relationship is this?

    22. Who causes the most damage to coral reefs?

    23. How can we protect the coral reef even if we don't live near it?

    24. What is a tiny individual coral animal?

    25. Coral polyps have what type of symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae?

    26. Coral polyps secrete what mineral?

    27. Choose all of the necessary envrionmental requirements for coral.

    28. What provides color to the coral?

    29. What is coral bleaching?

    30. How do corals reproduce?

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    1. Having visited the Bucco Reef in Tobago, a small twin island in the Caribbean, I was amazed at the thriving sea live underneath with the most stunning of colours to rival any carnival. Lets preserve this formation teeming with millions of species. It would be a shame to lose our beautiful reefs.

    2. It is fun as well as knowledge gaining doing all the quizzes. Would love to visit the Great Barrier Reef someday.

    3. we visited beautiful corals in lakshadweep islands, OMG , breathtaking corals and lagoons, most beautiful islands in Arabian sea, like a jewel in the crown, i would recommend every indian to visit these islands, life time experience.

    4. here I would like to take this opportunity to let all the RGBC members know, that our resort at ST.MARTINS, south of LONDON, England in THE pacific is also the MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS, WE HAVE EVER VISITED, I would recommend everyone to visit them if you love, SUN SEA AND BOATING AND STUNNING BOTANICAL GARDENS.

    5. This quiz was great and a platform to gain knowledge in this vast field of barrier reefs, hoping to visit the great barrier reef in Australia someday in the not distant future

      1. We are keeping our fingers crossed that you can visit the amazing Great Barrier Reef soon, Ashley! Don’t forget to take some pics to send to us! 🙂

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