World Elephant Day Quiz : Win a One-Week Vacation

Karma Group has always had a special relationship with elephants – from our flagship resort in Goa being named ‘Haathi Mahal’ ( translated: Elephant Palace ) to Lord Ganesha being given a prominent position in all our resorts in India. In fact, our Chairman’s fondness of Lord Ganesha is an open secret. We’re therefore excited to celebrate ‘World Elephant Day’! A day when individuals and organisations rally together to give voice to issues threatening elephants. Dive into this week’s quiz to test your knowledge on these magnificent creatures.

The winner will win a one-week holiday at one of Karma Group’s resorts ( excluding Karma Estates). Winner will be announced on 24 Aug across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels. 


    1. Where can you find elephants?

    2. How much on average do they need to eat to survive?

    3. Do they have any special skills?

    4. How much have Asian elephant numbers declined in the last three generations?

    5. How long can African elephants live for in the wild?

    6. How many muscles does an elephant have in its trunk?

    7. What is the average weight of an African elephant?

    8. What do they use their trunks for?

    9. How do they communicate with other elephants?

    10. How thick is the thickest area of an elephant's skin?

    11. What is the meaning of elephant in Latin?

    12. Elephants are referred to as pachyderms. What is the meaning of elephant pachyderm?

    13. How far away has an elephant been shown to smell a water source?

    14. Elephants can call to each other from quite far away using a rumbling sound. How far?

    15. On average, how much water can an adult bull (that's the male) elephant hold in its trunk?

    16. You've seen an elephant's trunk lift heavy objects. How many muscles are in an elephant's trunk?

    17. Which insects do elephants not like?

    18. The word elephant is derived from the word “elephas” that means ivory. The word is from which of the following languages?

    19. What was the weight of the heaviest elephant that was ever recorded?

    20. What is the number of elephant species in the world?

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    1. Look forward for wonderful experience in one of the Karma Resort after Unlock, We are new member and yet to explore the properties of Karma. We hear so much about the Karma, now can’t wait to explore!!!
      We have beed to Karma Haathi Mahal and Ganesha idol is really created iconic space in Resort and also in mind of all travellers.

    2. If i am not a member the response is accepted and if i am a member, there is dome error in 1 or more rows?

    3. Enjoyed as always. I bathed an elephant in Dubare, Karnataka. It is one of my most favorite animals. Got to know such interesting facts through this quiz. Thanks a lot.

      1. Elephants are magnificent and majestic creatures
        Having their own habitat I’m the wild ,the quiz was mind boggling ,enjoyed thanks Ashley Noronha

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