Win a Gift Box of Luxury Fragrances

This week’s quiz celebrates ‘National Recycling Week’ in Australia that is themed around 

Recovery – a future beyond the bin’. Get into the spirit of recycling and reusing that helps to keep materials out of landfill and you could win a box of luxury organic perfumes from Oneseed Perfumes!

The winners will be announced on November 23rd across all of the Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. What does it mean to reduce?

    2. Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling make the Earth cleaner.

    3. What does it mean to reuse?

    4. Plastic bags are better for the environment than reusable bags.

    5. What does it mean to recycle?

    6. Recycling is something only adults can do.

    7. Which of the following is NOT a recyclable material?

    8. You can reduce your water usage by shutting off the water while you brush your teeth and taking shorter showers.

    9. Which of the following is bad for the environment?

    10. No garbage can be recycled.

    11. How much energy could 1 recycled tin can save?

    12. It takes more energy to create paper than it does to recycle paper.

    13. Which country recycles the highest proportion of its household waste?

    14. Which one of these items was NOT in the top 10 number of items of rubbish collected in the 2010 Clean Up Australia Day?

    15. Why is polystyrene counted separately from other plastic in annual Clean Up surveys?

    16. Which of these items shouldn’t go in the compost heap?

    17. You can recycle most plastic bottles, but should you also recycle the plastic bottle tops?

    18. How many times can glass be recycled?

    19. Biodegradeable plastic bags should be:

    20. Which of the following statements is true?

    21. How long does it take (approximately) to recycle an aluminium can?

    22. E-waste is being sent to landfill at three times the rate of general waste. What types of appliances make up the greatest percentage of e-waste?

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    Sorry, the quiz already end.


    1. Informative, interesting, and insightful! Enhances awareness! Will share it with my seven-year-old grandchild. Thanks!

    2. Thank you all so much for entering! A huge congratulations to Kaye and Thomas Hawthorne for winning a box of luxury organic perfumes from Oneseed Perfumes!!

      Check your answers below:

      1.Use less of something, creating smaller amounts of waste.
      3.Use something over and over again.
      5.Make something into something new.
      11.Enough to power a TV for 3 hours.
      14.Plastic bags
      15.It is toxic and shreds into tiny particles
      16.Meat scraps
      19.Avoided where possible, because bags consume oxygen as they break down and this can lead to algal blooms
      20.All of the above
      21.Two months
      22.Washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and other small appliances.

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