Win a 7-night Greek Island Vacation!

This week, we celebrate Greek Easter that is the biggest holiday of the year in the eyes of the Greek Orthodox Church. Test your knowledge and win a 7-night stay at Karma Minoan in Crete!

The winners will be announced on 18 May across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. The Church Calendar begins on what day?

    2. What color do you dye your Easter eggs?

    3. Lent includes how many days of fasting?

    4. Tsoureki is the traditional _____ of Greek Easter.

    5. True or false: the Greek Orthodox Church rejects the jurisdiction of the Pope.

    6. Greek Orthodox is the _____ half of the Christian church.

    7. Three Kings Day is also known as what?

    8. Which of these is NOT part of a Greek Orthodox wedding service?

    9. Which holiday is the central feast for Greek Orthodox Christians?

    10. What is the color of the Greek Orthodox flag?

    11. This peninsula in Greece is steep and rocky. There are some twenty monasteries and thirteen sketes (smaller facilities) on the land. You may hear the place referred to as "Agion Oros," or the "Holy Mountain." What is it?

    12. Observant members of the Church are expected to do which of the following on Wednesdays and Fridays?

    13. If you visit a church, you may see something called Orthros. What is that?

    14. Which of the following would you generally see or hear people do at a service?

    15. Which of the following will you generally *not* see people do at a service?

    16. On which of these holidays would you see something called the "blessing of the waters"?

    17. Toward the end of a service, you may be handed something called the "antidoron." What is it?

    18. The Greek Orthodox Church recognizes "various ceremonies, words and symbolisms" to honor the grace of God in one's life. Just as do other churches, it calls these events sacraments. One of them is Confession. Where in the church building is this conducted?

    19. The archbishop of which city is considered the prelate of the Church of Greece?

    20. At Pascha (Easter), one may hear Orthodox people greet one another by saying, "Christ is risen!" What is the appropriate response?

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    1. I keenly look forward to the weekly quiz. As both of us are senior citizens living alone, strictly confined to our cozy home, these virtual interactions besides being informative are very therapeutic. Thank you so much, Karma, for being in touch!

    2. It’s a well-known fact that retrieval aids retention. Quizzes, on the other hand, present information from a different perspective and Confidence.

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