Win a 4-night Stay : World History Quiz

In this week’s edition, we’re giving away a 4-night stay for 2 at your choice of the following resorts – Karma Sanctum Soho, London; Karma Bavaria, Germany; Karma Kandara, Bali; or Karma Royal Haathi Mahal in Goa.  The theme is World History and the lucky winners will be shortlisted from the first 300 entries and announced on July 20th on all our Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.

    1. How many King Louis’ ruled France?

    2. To which country did Angola once belong to?

    3. Who is the only Frenchman to have been a Formula 1 Champion?

    4. Who invented the Potato Crisp?

    5. Which Apollo mission carried the first lunar rover vehicle?

    6. Who designed St. Paul's Cathedral?

    7. When was the first Guinness book of Records published?

    8. Which family does Juliet belong in 'Romeo and Juliet?

    9. Which Beatle leads the way in the front of the Abbey Road album cover?

    10. Who was the Benedictine monk who invented Champagne?

    11. What is the painting La Gioconda more commonly known?

    12. Which boxing champion finished his career with 49 fights and not losing any?

    13. What item of clothing was named after a Scottish inventor?

    14. Who did Henry VIII behead for witchcraft, adultery as well as her wolfhound?

    15. What 10 year old got his bad reputation by throwing puppies off the kremlin walls in 1540?

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    1. I hope you all are safe and doing well. It’s been a long time without a vacation. I understand being at home is the new thing for a long time now.
      Thanks for sending in the quiz. I enjoyed answering them and good to refresh general knowledge through this quiz. I hope to win it and visit one of the international resorts soon.
      Keep up the good work and service. Stay safe, Stay blessed.

    2. This quiz was amazing, I have been to Europe, learnt a lot there. But for new generation it will be like revisiting history.

      1. Dear Ms Armailty , most Karma Group resorts are opening mid July onwards . Our Team from Karma Odyssey will contact you soon with details . Cheers #KarmaCommunity#StayHealthy #StayPositive

    3. Missing our Karma Resort holidays because of this pandemic. Hope and pray the world finds a solution to this virus soon and hopefully we will learn to value life and relationships like never before.

      1. Dear Mr D’souza, thank you for connecting with us via #KarmaCommunity.The Karma Group resorts are opening with utmost care in view of the Global pandemic.Thus holidaying will start soon. Our Karma Odyssey team shall contact you with details.Cheers #StaySafe#StayHealthy#StayPositive

    4. Hi you all there! Trust and hope you all are safe and secure…the pandemic has changed many gears of our life, people are chanting something like “New Normal”..missing….availing the Karma holidays…..take good care.

    5. Thank you for participating in the quiz, Mr Mathur.You are right,the global pandemic has changed gears of our life. However, our spirits are high! Holidaying will be starting soon.Karma Group resorts are opening .The Karma Odyssey Team will contact you soon with details .Cheers #KarmaCommunityStayHealthy #StayPositive

    6. Great Quiz. Please mention the last date of Entry for the quiz. We are following karma on twitter. Please post result on twitter also

    7. A huge congratulations to Finda Logen for winning a 4-Night stay for 2 in Karma Sanctum Soho or Karma Royal Residences in Bali!
      If you want to check your answers please see below:

      3.Alain Prost
      4.George Crum
      5.Apollo 15
      6.Sir Christopher Wren
      9.John Lennon
      10.Dom Pierre Pérignon
      11.Mona Lisa
      12.Rocky Marciano
      14.Anne Boleyn
      15.Ivan the terrible

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