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German Apples Day!

We celebrate German Apples Day (or Tag des Deutschen Apfels in German), an initiative launched in 2010 to honour local and nutritious apples, the most commonly eaten fruit in Germany. Every year more and more German apples are distributed amongst schools, kindergartens and passers-by for free. Test your knowledge of this annual holiday and two lucky winners will receive 4 nights for 4 pax at Karma Bavaria, Schliersee, Germany. 

Winners will be announced on January 25th across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. Where did the apple originate?

    2. How many kinds of apples are there?

    3. Name 2 indigenous German apple varieties.

    4. What country is the largest producer of apples?

    5. What does apple symbolize in heraldry?

    6. During which season apple flowers bloom?

    7. All four vitamins listed below are found in apples. However, one is not as great in quantity (compared to recommended daily intake) as the other three. Which vitamin is this?

    8. Which Greek goddess is associated with an apple?

    9. Which holiday is someone most likely to find an apple?

    10. Is it true that the apple tree planted in 1647 by an American Peter Stuyvesant in Manhattan has not only survived until our time but is still bearing fruits?

    11. Is it true that in Great Britain the hybrid of an apple and tomato was discovered? According to its color and texture, they resemble tomatoes but grow on the usual apple trees.

    12. Apples and pears is a well-known Cockney phrase. What does it mean?

    13. What color are Granny Smith apples?

    14. What is the name for the spaces inside an apple where the seeds are? And how many does an apple have?

    15. Apple Records was set up by which band?

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    1. Fabulous quiz.
      Apple is one of my most favorite fruits. I loved to gain more information about it. Thank you in tons!

    2. we have been a members of Karma group for 4 years now, and we quite like the resort properties and the hospitality provided and we are happy to be associated with this group. the properties are well maintained and the ambience is enjoyable. we visited the Karma resort at Goa and Dharamshala along with family, and had a memorable time! Thank you for making our holiday worth it!

      1. Thank you for your gracious and heartwarming review of the Karma Group, Rutuja. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to other Karma Group properties in 2021. Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

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