Valentine’s Quiz : Win a $200 organic skincare gift pack

This week’s quiz is themed around our favourite Rom-Coms including memorable romantic songs.  The winner will win a Vanessa Megan gift pack worth AUD$ 200.

The winner will be announced on Feb 23 across all Karma Group and Karma Odyssey social media channels.


    We give the lyric of a love song, all you have to do is choose the song it came from. There are tons of love songs out there & I picked a few of them. Enjoy!

    1. "Soft moonlight on your face, oh, how you shine, It takes my breath away, Just to look into your eyes, I know I don't deserve, a treasure like you, There really are no words, To show my gratitude"?

    2. "Who knows what tomorrow brings, In a world, few hearts survive, All I know, is the way I feel, When it's real, I keep it alive"?

    3. "I'm just a fool who's willing, To sit around and wait for you, But baby can't you see, There's nothing else for me to do"?

    4. "We'll stay forever this way, You are safe in my heart"

    5. "I can only wonder how, touching you would make me feel, but if I take that chance right now, tomorrow, will you want me still"?

    6. "It's late in the evening, She's wondering what clothes to wear, She puts on her make up, And brushes her long blonde hair"?

    7. "Like a song of love that clings to me, How the thought of you does things to me"?

    (One Word)

    8. "Look into my heart, you will find, There's nothing there to hide, Take me as I am, take my life, I would give it all, I would sacrifice"?

    9. "Would you dance if I asked you to dance? Would you run and never look back? Would you cry if you saw me crying? And would you save my soul tonight"?

    10. "Oh my love-my darling, I've hungered for your touch, A long lonely time, And time goes by-so slowly, And time can do so much"?

    (Two Words)

    Valentine's Day TV quiz

    11. In the Friends episode The One with the Candy Hearts, who does Joey accidentally set Chandler up with on Valentine's Day?

    12. Netflix's hit period drama Bridgerton is based in on the best-selling romance novels by which author?

    13. In the Gossip Girl episode Crazy, Cupid, Love, who does Blair share a romantic kiss with on Valentine's Day, despite being married to someone else?

    14. Following the success BBC's adaptation of Sally Rooney's heartbreaking Normal People, the BBC are currently adapting Rooney's debut novel - can you name it?

    15. What romantic fantasy drama is based on a series of novels by Deborah Harkness

    Valentine's Day Film quiz

    16. In how many films have Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling played star-crossed lovers and can you name them?

    17. Which Shakespeare play is cult romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About You based on?

    18. Can you recite the famous line uttered by Julia Roberts at the end of the classic rom com Notting Hill?

    19. Timothee Chalamet's Oscar-winning coming-of-age romance Call Me by Your Name was based on the novel by which author?

    20. Which classic Jane Austen novel is Clueless loosely based on?

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    1. At the time of submission my all answers vanished, I don’t know whether I have perfectly submitted or not??

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