UNESCO World Wonders Trivia

This edition we’re celebrating world heritage – the wonders both natural and human-made that have been identified by UNESCO World Heritage Sites – all of which are on our travel bucket list! As we gear up for the spring/summer holiday season, we’re delighted to be giving away USD250 resort credit vouchers to three lucky winners – to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 02 May.


    1. Where is the UNESCO headquarters?

    2. Which entire island has been designated as a World Heritage Site?

    3. UNESCO was founded in ____ with the mission of fostering peace through international collaboration in the fields of education, science and culture.

    4. Where was this photo taken? Hint: This is only UNESCO World Heritage castle in Japan.

    5. Aapravasi Ghat is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in which country?

    6. How many UNESCO World Heritage sites are there in Egypt as of 2023?

    7. The Grand Canyon is located in which US state?

    8. When were the statues of Rapa Nui National Park discovered?

    9. What continent has the most World Heritage Sites?

    10. Only two countries have ever had a World Heritage site removed from the list. What are they?

    11. China's Quioglai and Jiajin Mountains are home to a World Heritage site that protects which endangered animal?

    12. Located in Indonesia, what UNESCO World Heritage Site is a National Park named after a giant lizard?

    13. Where would you find the Kakadu National Park?

    14. Which UNESCO World Heritage site is in this picture?

    15. Which World Heritage-listed 25 million-year-old lake is known as the oldest freshwater lake in the world?

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    1. Sorry for the numerous entries ….the system was saying not able to send so we kept trying to send ….. BUT it had been sent and was resent each time we retried!

    2. We recently stayed at Karma Song Hoai, in the UNESCO World heritage Hoi An it’s an amazing place. The resort is absolutely stunning and the staff are fabulous couldn’t do enough for the guests. We will be back!

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