Ultimate Karma Quiz : 5 Vacation Giveaways!

Giddy up! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win an amazing 5-night stay for four pax at any of the following Karma Group resorts – Karma Salford Hall, Karma Bavaria, Karma Royal Haathi Mahal, Karma Rottnest or Karma Kandara. 

All you need to do is test your knowledge about the Karma hospitality and lifestyle brand. The five lucky winners will be announced on 19 October across all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social media channels.


    1. What is the name of Karma Group's latest desert property?

    2. In which year did Chairman John Spence establish the Karma Group?

    3. At which Karma Group property will you find award winning Chef Joseph Antonishek?

    4. Complete the Karma Group motto - We Create …

    5. Which of our Karma Group offerings allows you to experience the freedom of the open road?

    6. What was the 2021 opening occupancy rate of our Karma Group European Resorts?

    7. Where can you meet Chris Robshaw at our first Autumn International Event?

    8. Which traditional Greek dish is Karma Minoans’ Chef Nektarias’ favourite?

    9. In which century was our historic country retreat Karma Salford Hall built? (hint: the answer is on the Karma Salford Hall Instagram page)

    10. Which of our Karma Group Resorts is the perfect base for skiing in the winter?

    11. Where can you update your contact details on the Karma Group Website?

    12. Where is our brand new Spanish Property Karma La Herriza located?

    13. Which of our Karma Group Resorts was originally built as a small, family mansion which passed through generations until it found its home in hospitality?

    14. Which of our Karma Group Facebook pages is the central hub for Member updates?

    15. Which of our Karma Estates are we offering Members the opportunity to experience on selected dates free of charge?

    Karma Group and Karma Group related brands are in the business of creating unforgettable memories for our customers. We work tirelessly to make dreams come true. Looking after the personal data you share with us is an important part of this and we want you to be confident that your data is safe and secure. Your data will only be used to offer you a better and more fulfilling holiday experience. See the Karma Group website for more information about how we do this. Our promise to you is that we will never share your data with a third party and can assure you that we have secure and robust processes in place to make sure that we keep this promise. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

    Thank you for your submission. We post regular content updates on our Social channels, kindly make sure you are following @karma.group on Instagram and facebook.com/karmagroupglobal and facebook.com/KarmaOdyssey on Facebook.


    1. Karma Group Hospitality is one of the best leisure place and it is very good experience after visiting some of the property

      1. Karma Group Hospitality is one of the best leisure place and it is very good experience after visiting Karma Bavaria

    2. We have had some lovely memories since joining Karma back in 1996 when we celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary in Bali at Grand Samur Beach hotel. Since then then we have stayed at Jimbaran Bay many times and loved every minute, beautiful people, lovely food etc….maybe one day when we can travel again we will visit Bali….god willing….xx

      1. Wow Linda 25 years since your silver wedding! Absolutely, and maybe you’d enjoy celebrating your next anniversary in Europe at our new property Karma La Herriza?!

    3. I, almost every alternate year cherish my good days of self realisations & family well-being at Karma-Haathi Mahal.

    4. Most of the karma resorts visited by us are excellent properties with great staff, in responsivness and service

    5. I am been a Karma member since 2015. They have unique properties. We have pleasant memories staying in Thailand Chang Mai, Phuket and Karma Bavaria Germany resorts. Enjoyed every bit of our stay.

    6. We are loving all Karma properties since 2012 with more than 10 visits in the last 10 years some as couples and some , the whole family. 3 visits to Karma Kandara alone speaks for itself, the luxurious experience we had there.

    7. I am a new member of the Karma family, I don’t think my membership has been activated since i have opted for payment in 10 EMI’s , would I be able to take part in this quiz

    8. Menginap dengan fasilitas karma sangat menyenangkan, setelah menginap di karma Bavaria, saya ingin menginap di karma grup yang ada di Perancis, untuk menjelajahi kastil St Michael

    9. I’ve experienced Karma Bali resorts – Jimbaran, Sanur, Candi Dasa – and enjoyed them thoroughly. They have such a relaxed ‘at home’ feel to them that ensures you leave refreshed (usually to quickly). Can’t wait to get into Karma “rest of the world”

      1. Hi Mrs Judge, we’re so pleased to hear our resorts make you feel at home – We hope next year you’ll be able to experience our new resorts such as Karma La Herriza and Karma Golden Camp!

    10. I loved the quiz and my best trip ever was with Karma Group, they were the only ones having a different experience.

    11. A confession. Knew only a few answers. Made a quick research. Now I am a walking encyclopedia on Karma group. Ha Ha. Really enjoy Karma experience! Keep up the good work.

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