Travel Quiz : Win USD 100 Amazon Gift Vouchers!

25 multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge about the world –  you could win one of 3 x USD 100 Amazon Gift Vouchers.

The winners will be announced 14 Sept on all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. Where are the Whitsunday Islands located?

    2. Which of these countries ISN’T landlocked?

    3. The Spanish Steps (seen below) are found in which city?

    4. How many provinces are there in Canada?

    5. Which two countries in South America are the Iguazu Falls part of?

    6. Which of these is NOT a South Africa national park?

    7. Where in the Middle East is this?

    8. The Aruba Caribbean island is a territory of which European country?

    9. Where in Africa are these famous trees? (Avenue of the Baobabs)

    10. What is the capital of Canada?

    11. Which country is this?
    (Hint: It’s a place that is often seen on Instagram)

    12. Hanoi is the capital of which country?

    13. What is the official name of this tower?

    14. Where in Asia will you find this famous place?

    15. What is the name of this popular middle eastern dish?

    16. Where in Asia is this famous place? (The Chocolate Hills)

    17. Which of these is the tallest?
    (Hint: It’s not necessarily the image you see)

    18. Which of these cities ISN’T in New Zealand?

    19. Which superhero movie was Niagara Falls used in?

    20. How many countries connect to the Austrian border?

    21. Where in Europe are these famous lakes? (Plitvice Lakes National Park)

    22. LOT is the national airline of which European country?

    23. The Baltic States refer to which countries?

    24. Bohemian Switzerland National Park is in which country?

    25. Final question – How high is Mount Everest?
    (Hint: Think carefully about what would be a reasonable answer for the world’s highest mountain)

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      1. Thank you Mr Patel .It was a beautiful experience for us as well putting together these exotic locations and we are so glad you enjoyed the quiz . Cheers #KarmaCommunity.

      1. Thank you for your feedback Mr Shankar. It gives us immense pleasure when we get such positive response from all of you. Cheers ! .#KarmaCommunity.#explore #exoticplaces #Energy

    1. It has been very interesting to solve the quizzes but unfortunately did not win. Hope to win this one coz it’s my birthday month. Thanks in advance.

    2. Good quiz. We have seen some places in the quiz and have some of them on our bucket list, which we hope to see

    3. My son and I really enjoyed looking up these interesting, scenic places and hope in the future to visit some them. Hope there are some luxurious Karma escape in the countries we choose. Thank you, Karma for entertaining our minds with such quizzes. I look forward to your replies, as always.

    4. Great quiz, at the time stay home by the pandemic, It triggered my memories to the places that I had spent sometime with my family.

    5. Enjoyed doing this quiz as always. Some of the places we have visited and it’s so sweet of you to give us vicarious pleasure, as also to re-live holiday memories. We miss travel and holidays! But, are the results of the previous quizzes announced? If so, where? I didn’t find any on Facebook. Thanks once again for this lovely quiz

      1. That’s wonderful ! It feels good to know that answering the quiz has kindled good memories .The results of the quiz is announced on all Karma Social network channels including facebook.All the best, Ms Saxena.#KarmaCommunity

    6. Enjoyable quiz – looking forward to being able to travel again to visit the places We’ve not yet explored…. and eventually revisit our those we have been fortunate enough to visit. Thanks

    7. There are people who are not on Facebook, so in case they do win, I hope they will be contacted by mail. Have a great day and keep up the expansion of the Karma Group which will mean more choices for us as members.

    8. A huge congratulations to Alan Lopes and Subramanian C.V for each winning a US$100 Amazon voucher!
      If you want to check your answers please see below:

      5.Brazil and Argentina
      6.Goreme National Park
      13.Elizabeth Tower
      17.Burj Khalifa, Dubai
      19.Superman II
      23.Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
      24.Czech Republic
      25.8,848 m

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