Travel Quiz : Win USD 100 Amazon Gift Vouchers!

Gather the family and participate in this fun quiz that celebrates both World Tourism Day and World Rivers Day this September 27th. Two lucky winners will receive a USD 100 Amazon Gift Voucher! The winners will be announced 05 October on all Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels.


    1. Which of these is the world’s longest river?

    2. Which of these is the world’s widest river?

    3. This Asian river is visually quite distinctive. What’s it called?

    4. Where would you find the Irrawaddy River?

    5. How long is the River Nile?

    6. Can you identify this winding African river?

    7. In which African country would you meet the tribes who live alongside the Omo River?

    8. The Tigris River runs through which three countries?

    9. Australia’s longest river shares a name with a famous tennis player. Name that player…

    10. The USA’s Mississippi River runs through or borders 10 of the country’s 50 states. Which of these states is NOT on that list?

    11. 27 rivers flow into Lake Titicaca, but only one flows out from it. Can you name that river?

    12. Which of these is Europe's longest river?

    13. How many European countries does the Danube run through?

    14. Where does the Dnieper River run through?

    15. Which of these is the UK’s longest river?

    16. On which English river do these famous bridges sit?

    17. Which was the first river in the world to be granted the same legal rights as a human being?

    18. Several countries in the world have no rivers. Which of these countries DOES have a river?

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    1. I love the Quiz you provide. It helps my children and ourselves to learn a lot though we know not much. Truly appreciate these fun and innovative ideas which you’ll come up with. Thanks a ton.

    2. We had such a great, rewarding time doing this one learning about the very interesting names of some of the tribes in Ethiopia! The images in the quiz were so sharp with bold colours that made it very attractive too! When I say “Quiz time”, my son immediately knows what I’m talking about!

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