To Your Good Health

This Friday 07 April marks World Health Day. Established by the World Health Organisation (WHO), each year it draws attention to a health topic. This year they’re thinking big with a focus on ‘Health for All.’ We can’t offer that just yet – but answer the below questions correctly and you could be one of  three lucky winners who’ll receive a healthful and indulgent spa treatment voucher. 

Winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge channels on 18 April.


    1. Vitamin D is sometimes called the ____.

    2. How many servings of fruits and vegetables is it widely recommended to eat daily?

    3. White blood cells that attack pathogens are called ____.

    4. How many chambers are in the human heart?

    5. Why should you eat a diverse range of colourful foods?

    6. Yoga has long been known to ____ blood pressure and ____ the heart rate.

    7. Which of the following foods is good for vision and eye health?

    8. Your body uses ____ muscles to balance itself while standing still.

    9. Which kind of food contains a lot of probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that can help with digestion and the immune system?

    10. What is the theme of the 2023 World Health Day?

    11. Which substance in the body was once thought to be nothing more than waste from oxygen-starved muscles, but may actually be a fuel for high-intensity workouts?

    12. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, which plant-based food can be an alternative source of protein?

    13. A workout can make you feel great physically and mentally, in part because of what “feel good” hormones that are released by your nervous system?

    14. Which of the following is an advantage of eating white meat, such as chicken or turkey, compared to red meat like beef or pork?

    15. To rehydrate after activity, you should drink ____.

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