The Great Carnival

With the annual Goa Carnival about to get underway (see above) and Spring around the corner in Europe, we figured we’d test your knowledge on some of the most famous street festivals in the world… and we’re giving away USD100 vouchers to three lucky winners to be announced on Karma Group and Karma Concierge social channels on 28 February.


    1. What does Mardi Gras mean in French?

    2. What is the name of the King chosen each year to preside over the Goa Carnival?

    3. Many cities in Spain (and even some in Latin America) mark the end of the Carnival festivities with a strange tradition: a satirical funeral procession in which they bury what?

    4. At the Carnival of Venice proceedings begin with the “Flight of the Angel”, which sees an elegantly costumed woman abseil from a bell tower onto what city landmark?

    5. In which Canadian city will you find the cute snowman Carnival mascot?

    6. The word "Carnival" comes from the latin "carne vale" which means farewell to what?

    7. In Germany, Carnival celebrations kick off on Weiberfastnacht – a day in which women take over, donning costumes and going around town doing what?

    8. Carnival celebrations in which Colombian city can claim to be the second-largest in the world?

    9. An offshoot of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, which European capital has hosted a Carnival street festival every year since 1966?

    10. The official duration of the Carnival in Rio is 4 _______.

    11. What plastic item is hidden in the King Cake of New Orleans?

    12. Which of the following is NOT a parade venue for the Goa Carnival?

    13. What do people throw during the Los Indianos Carnival in Santa Cruz, Canary Islands?

    14. Portuguese colonists brought Carnival to both Brazil (Rio) and India (Goa)

    15. Which member of the royal family supported the Notting Hill Carnival during the 70's when local politicians demanded the event be stopped?

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