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Our newest Indian property Karma Golden Camp officially opened its yellow, sandstone doors on the 27th of September and we are very pleased to say the resort had a spectacular opening night and week to follow; filled with unique and magical desert experiences.

If you’re wanting to see Karma Golden Camp for yourself (which we’re guessing you surely do), you’re in luck – As the best time to visit is between November and March. These coming months are when temperatures remain around a comfortable 24oC, making it ideal for outdoor activities; and the cooler evenings are perfect for gathering around the campfire to watch Rajasthani folk dancers in their colourful costumes. 

Wondering what exciting activities and adventures you can add to your Jaisalmer bucket list? Here are some of our favourite recommendations in and around the Thar Desert…

Sam Sand Dunes

Just 8 km from Karma Golden Camp, the Sam Sand Dunes are amongst the most famous ones in Rajasthan. Visitors say the ultimate time to arrive at the dunes is around 4 pm when the afternoon sun isn’t as hot and you can catch the stunning sunset a few hours later. To explore the dunes you can either hire a 4×4 car or take a camel ride.

Jaisalmer City

Around a 35-minute drive from our resort, the ‘Golden City’ has so many great spots to discover. On your venture around the thriving city there are a few things you MUST see, including:

  • Jaisalmer Fort – It is believed to be one of the very few “living forts” in the world and was built in 1156 AD by Rajput Rawal. Unlike many other forts and attractions across India, Jaisalmer Fort is free to enter and has no opening/closing hours.
  • Jain Temple – Located inside Jaisalmer Fort, the temple is renowned for its intricately detailed architecture throughout the multi-roomed, multi-level Jain Temple.
  • Jaisalmer Government Museum – The museum houses a rich collection of marine & wood fossils, along with sculptures from Kiradu & Lodurva townships of the 12th century.

Kuldhara Ghost Village

A little further afield, but still only 40km from Karma Golden Camp will take you to the famous Kuldhara Ghost Village. A once-bustling village that was abandoned, literally overnight! Legend has it that this exodus took place in the 1800s. To this day, the village remains uninhabited.

Bada Bagh

Not far from the Kuldhara abandoned village, 37 km from our resort, you’ll discover Bada Bagh, also called Barabagh, which translates to ‘grand garden’. Construction began in the 18th Century by the founder of Jaisalmer State, Jai Singh II, who commissioned a dam to create a water tank during his reign. Amazingly, this made the desert green in this area and only greenery for miles. After Jai Singh II’s death, his son Lunkaran built a beautiful garden by the lake and a memorial cenotaph (grave) on a hill overlooking the lake. Through the years, many more burial sites have been added to the gardens.

To book your unforgettable stay at Karma Golden Camp and for more information, contact your friendly Karma Concierge Navigators or WhatsApp us on +91 77449 ​​59670.

As we are expecting Karma Golden Camp to be very popular, we recommend booking now to grab your preferred dates; before availability is limited in the coming months!


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  1. recently visited karma golden camp , a serene place with excellent hospitality and fantastic food, staff very nice especially the resort manager. i would like to visit here again

    1. It really sounds like you had an amazing time, Ankur! Thanks for letting us know… 🙂 We are very excited about this new Karma Group resort and the unique experience available to our Karma Group members and guests. We can’t wait to welcome you back! 🙂

  2. Enjoyed every bit of our stay in Jaisalmer in the month of October.Excellent food and hospitality .Very helpful and friendly staff.Would like to visit again

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